1. The summer sale is usually the best time of the year because usually it’s on everything. I used to work in retail so we kind of got their “discount calendar”.

  2. Yea I see Kontakt standard 14 is going for $299 instead of $599. That’s the best deal you think?

  3. Yes your right I believe komplete 14 standard contains Kontakt 7 within it

  4. If you are looking for the "best" sounds for these instruments, you could get a digital piano with a good key action like the Roland FP-10 to use as a MIDI controller, connect it to your PC and use the rest of your budget to get a good VST along with decent speakers (or high quality wired headphones). You won't get much better quality than that.

  5. What VST would you suggest ? Kontakt perhaps ? Also is this setup best for live performance ?

  6. Apparently Clay Gober from Polyphia’s getting a signature soon. Might not buy it, but I’m definitely curious at what it’ll be.

  7. Check out the all pedal Macrodose my 2nd favorite behind the MF-101

  8. I checked out the macrodose but honestly based on the bass review with it I’m not sure whether it was the bass that sounded bad or the pedal. I kept hearing this annoying clicking sound from the sequencer of the pedal and the overall envelope sound was alright in terms of quality and richness

  9. I’d say 4 just cause sounds flat no dynamics and nothing about it is really drawing me in

  10. This is one of my favorite tracks bro I love snoop dogg so much I need more tracks like this I know this would be considered G funk tho but it’s so fiya that knee deep bassline sample crazy


  12. Neither of these basses are in any store of any proximity of closeness to me. How difficult if this for you to understand?

  13. With the amount of time you waste posting on here you could have driven to plenty of stores and tried basses.

  14. I’ve driven to so many stores man that’s what I’m trying to tell ya!!! If I can’t try it in person of course I’m gonna ask questions! I don’t wanna pull the trigger on something without asking as many opinions as I can get. Cause I’ve dealt with all kinds of bullshit with returns I don’t wanna go thru that hassle. I call stores all the time asking to see if they got the models I’m looking for and they never do.

  15. All basses have different specs. Wider necks, thinner necks. Different string spacing. Different shaped necks. Shorter scale or longer scale.

  16. I appreciate what your saying brother but it feels like I’ve always went and tried all the options that are available to me at the moment in all honesty I’ve been around the block trying to find them

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