1. If I'm installing an android software update and don't have Wi-fi, will it automatically use up my cellular data? What if I don't have enough in the middle of the update? Will the update fail/revert, or will my phone brick?

  2. By default, the download is automatic over WiFi. You need to manually approve the download over data.

  3. announced* typically they'll actually launch/release a bit later, no?

  4. Freedom has a 2GB Apple Watch plan for $5 a month with a $45 activation fee. Seems like you can order the SIM online.

  5. Also a bit unrelated... for people on Virgin, check your available plans. I just got a loyalty plan that's 50gb for $50. My sister also got 20gb for $35.

  6. They're offering 20GB for $30 in-store, and $25 through online chat (YMMV).

  7. My brand new S21 FE arrived with a completely drained battery. Should I be concerned about depleted battery capacity?

  8. I don't like how Linus is more and more hitting my sub feed with ads like this. Why is he defending this thing. It's flawed top to bottom and it's price is nowhere close to the value you get.

  9. Hopefully this is a super quick question. What’s the most informative/trustworthy phone review site you recommend

  10. So my new Asus phone manual with fast charge says to only use the charger included in the box and that using a third party charger may damage my phone. I still have a couple Dash chargers from my Oneplus phone, it would be a shame if I can't use them anymore. Can they actually damage my Asus phone or is it just bullshit to avoid liability ?

  11. It's more of a liability thing. That being said, that doesn't mean you should be plugging in with cheap/random branded chargers. You'll be fine to charge with your Dash chargers.

  12. Thanks, but the other guy who replied told me basically the opposite, that any charger should be ok except Dash ones. I'm not sure what to believe now lol

  13. To put it plainly, your phone has a chip that will decide how fast it can charge based on the charger you use.

  14. Looking into getting my mom a new phone. She's had a history with budget (think Huawei Nova, Samsung A12) phones. While they've been enough for a long time it's really starting to give me a headache.

  15. Check out the OnePlus Nord N20, Moto G Stylus 5G 2022, Samsung Galaxy A53, and Pixel 6a.

  16. On Android 12 with Samsung, does choosing "Auto sync data" automatically use your mobile data no matter what in the background if any syncing is required and you don't have Wi-fi?

  17. If you run out of outgoing call hours while in a call, will your call immediately end, or will you have to pay for whatever additional time you are using up?

  18. Pixel 6a / Motorola G72 / Sony Xperia 10 IV

  19. The Xperia 10 IV is the king of battery life. Not sure about GPS performance for each device.

  20. My friends LG Stylo routinely shuts off mobile data. He claims he doesn't shut it off, but gets an alert it's off and has to go into settings to turn it back on.

  21. If you're fine with waiting, the upcoming S23 series will be a worthy upgrade.

  22. I'm replacing an old Google 4a. Looking for a dependable midrange (maybe up to $600) replacement, hopefully on discount for black Friday. Unlocked / Verizon / USA.

  23. My S22 Ultra has been stuttering after the last update when using certain apps (it never did this prior to the update over the weekend). I can't seem to use the keyboard or search functions, and it lags REALLY badly when transitioning between apps (will continue to play audio of previous app). This problem is most noticeable when using the Spotify, Youtube, and Tiktok apps. Only way to fix the issue is by restarting the phone. Anyone know what's causing this and what is a permanent fix for it?

  24. I would try clearing cache for the affected apps, and then app data if it doesn't work. Otherwise, factory reset as a last resort.

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