1. 1/4 cup and read the pack of lecithin

  2. Shit I didn’t think about that

  3. Idk if it has enough air flow for both tbh. I tried it and it doesn’t pull much smoke and can’t get the ball rolling in the banger.

  4. i wasn't looking for any partners right before his call, and when he pitched the offer my first thought was a Big NO, but then my wife told me to reconsider adn said we could use the extra cash for marketing.

  5. Ok. Ask yourself why would he want to do this?

  6. not any thing that i know of, he is an experienced individual. but an abusive one. i dont like that guy.

  7. He thinks you're a steal of a deal. I'd look otherways.

  8. Having a tough night tonight. Jumped in to listen to familiar voices and see you all for a bit.



  11. Pump and dump. Pump and dump.

  12. I just drink a little iced tea every now and again. Maybe sit in front of a fan. I'm working my way up to walking the dog in just a windbreaker.

  13. After that, bare feet on the hard wood floors. Getting in the car before it's all the way warmed up. Taking bites of popsicles. Two Altoids at once.

  14. Then HC best move their asses and change the legally allowable before people figure out how easy it is to make yourself at home on a large scare. I hope the market passes them by.

  15. Because you are consuming something your body considers a poison.

  16. These pictures are such a weird "flex" and show they've only been able to bust a thimble of drugs.

  17. Can I interest you in a commercial milk dispenser? /s

  18. Thanks! It's certainly been a winding road to get here. Lol

  19. No time for that. On to the next one. 😅

  20. Lil broke back arena going on?

  21. XD where’d that come from? nobody plays this game anymore… and I’d give you an equal card

  22. I don't want what you have, so why would I trade what I want away?

  23. read the description before you comment smartass. I said a mitch marner they’d be WILLING to trade. gtfo

  24. I'm willing, but I don't really want to. Good luck luger.

  25. I eat it. I personally think it's petty to charge customers an extra fee to use their card. In my experience people spend more on their card than they would with cash. Raise prices across the board if you feel the fees are cutting too much into profit. Definitely don't short their tips


  27. Slinx neoprene water shoes or socks amazing for like 25


  29. It would be shit if your pipes broke and you had to call insurance. I'm sure they would deal with him appropriately.

  30. Unacceptable is the norm for these people. Whatever you do, never go with ARTium Design.

  31. I hope there isn't a next time, but running a tiny bit of water out of the line will help prevent it from freezing.

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