Calibrating a 12” DeWalt miter saw

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  1. I like rustoleum 2x primer, you have to spray in very short burst across the mini though or it will fill in any and all details. I believe miniac has a video about priming with hardware store a rattle cans

  2. He was a colleague of mine back when I worked for the city. We’re all beside ourselves.

  3. Love the colour scheme, where's the model from?

  4. Got it, permanent good haircut, permeated $100 on my pocket. What happens if I let go of the haircut? Does it start growing or does it immediately grow all that hair that should have grown?

  5. I love the holders that use that side of the insert, incredible for roughing

  6. In my head you never actually see him, there’s a like barely lit microphone and a bearded mouth that just comes in the light to speak, everything lit by the cherry of a cigarette in a nearby ashtray, occasionally he picks it up and the cherry glows bright and reflects off his large eyes surrounded by matted hair. When he checks to see where he is, you get a ramshackle outline against a bright window with broken blinds that seems to be set impossible places looking out over the setting.

  7. Should I be worried if I’ve only seen them in my plants? It looks like they feed on dead plants but can become a nuisance

  8. it depends on what you’re worried about. They’re not pests so in terms of them being in your house it’s only as much of a problem as you find them annoying, but they do feed on plants, not necessarily enough to damage it but it could. The best thing to do if possible would be to water them less as they’re attracted to moisture

  9. That’s super cool, I love seeing little tricks like using the thread, my dumb ass would be digging by eye

  10. Holy shit, I never ever thought of doing little fan graphics on my printer

  11. Your probably subconsciously suspected that not doing it correctly strangles airflow and increases noise.

  12. But I currently only have a gaming laptop, so I’m not entirely sure what airflow is.

  13. You are very young. I had the toy version of the power sword from the original cartoon when i was a kid.

  14. That sounds like a threat. Or is it a promise old man? Definitely not looking forward to my bad hurting more than it does, I really need to lose weight before I destroy my body even more

  15. On a shift of over 100 I think there’s 10, half of deburr are women so I guess adjacent to the field

  16. I prefer to keep the ultra wide horizontal as that’s my preferred screen for when I’m gaming. I am considering maybe making the other two vertical though and have them on opposite sides of the ultra wide.

  17. Why not 👌🏼? I can use my Lego Millennium Falcon to help tie it in.

  18. As long as it works for you, that’s all that really matters, I had mine set up on a table next to my couch for a while, and the monitor would swing out over my couch, has a like solid mousepad thing I would put between the arm rests, and the only comment someone on here made was “I threw up in my mouth a little bit”. It worked great for me though

  19. The suit I have on batgirl right now has a terrible bob(I think that’s how you spell the hairstyle) I wish her hair was just covered instead on the outfit

  20. Check out peter Smid's book on fanuc macro b programming. It's really well written.

  21. Lol, I did that with OW1, and then quit. That's not a new problem in OW2

  22. They changed it from 6v6 to 5v5 so now it’s 1 tank, 2dps, 2 healers, and I feel like it’s way easier to get targeted as a healer now

  23. Yep, that might very well be the consequence of 1 less tank. But the queues man, the queues... They HAD to make 1 tank cause no wants to, lol. I was tank in OW1, support too, never even bothered with dps. Partly because queues, partly because you'll get all the crap in the world if your team loses.

  24. I’ve never been one for ranked, I’m very much a casual fan, but I know I used to have fun. Maybe it’s because I just played in quick play with no team communication that I had such a rough time

  25. The bottom middle picture is clearly a good boy, maybe he can’t tell the difference between people and animals

  26. The ones I’ve tried from our store absolutely taste like cotton candy, been out for a decade though…

  27. I love cotton candy grapes, all the grocery chains near me sell them and yet people don’t realize they exist

  28. I would love this for my car, but it’s not in horizon, so idk what it would be

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