A /r/cscareerquestions College Survival Guide

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  1. Wanted to add a section from our original Google Doc in the comments, as it seems to be very pertinent. Couldn't add in original post as it's ~ the 40,000 character limit.

  2. id say also reading Cal Newport's "So Good They Can't Ignore you" has been life changing and Cal shows what success truly means. There isnt any real secret to it!

  3. Id say regarding job stuff, def use technology and automation to fill out that high volume of apps

  4. I'd like to assume most people are realistic and no one is expected to build the next Google, Amazon, Microsoft just to get a job. In terms of your personal happiness, as long as you are learning and growing in your project, that's what matters. If you can tell a story behind your project (roadblocks, learnings, goals, timeline, etc), thats gonna be a good pitch to vouch for yourself and what you bring to the table

  5. It works at scale as a decent enough interviewing technique because strong performance in this style of interviewing correlates well enough with strong performance on the job for FAANG companies to keep using it to consistently hire candidates that meet their high position bar. As much as this sub would like to disagree on this point, the data speaks for itself.

  6. I mean yes but it depends on what axes you are evaluating candidates on and what the relative weightage is. Maybe part of the problem is training interviewers to not just evaluate candidate on if they "get problem right with optimal solution"

  7. This. I shine with take home exams. I feel that they allow me to really iterate and perfect everything and display what my code would actually look like in real life.

  8. plus u can use google imo bc in the real world, you have search engines

  9. Just use a bike. Campus has a ton of great biking paths and every building has a parking space for them.

  10. Yeah lol. I loved how they blocked the bike path and made cyclists swerve into traffice.

  11. maybe better initiative to make gt more bike friendly is needed. we shall bring that up with sga

  12. LC is not necessarily inherently bad. Remember that LC problems are contrived for 30 min interview, so it can't perfectly measure competence on the job.

  13. also, how easy is it to transfer from swe to ml engineering? do you absolutely need to go back to school to pick up and ms just for this role transfer or do you know anyone who done this transition with only BS?

  14. I mean if you’re getting zero interviews after say 100 applications or a year of applying then you need to get your resume fixed like a week ago.

  15. i mean from a number games perspective, you have chrome extensions to autofill ur job apps. you gotta use nepotism to your advantage (like actually talk to people), chrome extensions to increase your volume of applications churned out and also of course the almighty Jake's Resume overleaf template.

  16. Spread the word with anyone who would be interested. This is an event you don't want to miss

  17. mods should introduce themselves to subreddit if they feel comfortable

  18. I think the market was just overhyped and those either that are not profitable or that went on an aggressive hiring spree beyond the volume they can handle are being heavily affected. Feels bad for those who got laid off but we all knew that it couldn’t last forever… At least that’s why I also take the business side into account (if the business model is not a scam and has a potential to make profits) when switching jobs even as an eng.

  19. what if you were interviewing for a software engineer for a nonprofit like Khan Academy. I think your logic works in most cases but there are exceptions

  20. I think companies with solid fundamentals will be fine. Maybe layoffs if they aggressively over-hired, as you said, but they will survive. I think the bullshit extreme hype "Uber for dog tooth brushing" companies is done, at least for now, and those types of companies are being culled.

  21. i interviewed at substack and they pretty much claim that substack is basically medium but without the annoying ads and "other articles you may like". plus substack has infrastructure in place where both the writer and reader benefit so apparently they are able to circulate "good quality articles" in their service. not sure as to the internal workings tho of their platform

  22. i mean part of being a good engineer is identifying priorities. you are hired to drive business impact with technology. knowing abt nuts and bolts of language internals is nice but its low priority imo relative to solving the actual business problem. there are times where these details can come in handy but its not an absolute prerequisite to "be a good engineer"

  23. It's easy and you would know this if you did a little searching.

  24. id say have a deep understanding of the fundamental DS & A. Try implementing the fundamental DS & A from scratch as if you were inventing and distributing them to the rest of the world :)

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