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  1. Lots of people get paid in exposure. (Most desperate migrants or overpriviliged products of nepotism but dthere ya go with the late stage capitalism and all)

  2. Counterintuitively, most of the faster games are higher difficulty. The AI starting ahead of you in tech makes it cheaper and faster for you to research stuff. Also good use of eurekas and inspirations.

  3. Interesting. I never thought of this but it makes sense since that's how the game play mechanics work, just never thought of it.

  4. don't. google's spam updates are all about this. if you write an article on AI, edit it and make it more human like. (make grammatical mistakes etc.)

  5. Is this why huge websites like espn etc have so many grammatical errors?

  6. Is this an ai generated post like this doesn’t relate to anything OP said?

  7. Believe Berry. The man accurately predicted the WR contract boom and got us Amari for a 5th

  8. But he also thought we didn't need any thick DTs.. so don't have 100% faith lol

  9. Switch cooks to slot and DPJ oit wide and you got a madden (mid 00s madden not the ass they release nowadays) dream team

  10. Shout out to the astroturf, Watson’s primary target.

  11. If you right click on anything you own (person) it'll list everything you own and you can click through to find it. I wouldn't play if this didn't exist. I'd be too frustrated ....

  12. I have thousands and thousands of hours and I never knew this

  13. Why not? What's the point of running a business that loses money? That's just crazy.

  14. They still played like shit. Thank god we played Kyle Allen in his 2nd start this season, without Cooks and against a team who FO is actively trying to tank

  15. And it's not impressive to beat up the worst team in the league. Stopping Brady last week was good, but you're completely right. A good DC doesn't get a defense going halfway through the season.

  16. Even then, and yes I know hes Tom Brady, but this year he's not. Tom lookin like Skeletor with all the stress from the divorce. He's just not the same this year

  17. Solar is still mostly door to door and poor leads correct?

  18. This guy blasts this sub all day everyday with his crap solar d2d. I'm guessing he's a recruiter or contractor for it trying to con more ppl into fully commissioned d2d sales where half the time it sounds like the reps seem to not even get paid when they do sell lol

  19. Lovie has to be so frustrated. His team is shockingly incompetent

  20. Is Stefanski responsible for the defense? Yes or no?

  21. DM me if you have restaurant management experience. My company is hiring.

  22. I assume you'd want someone long term to be a manager and she already said 60k is poverty wages. So you'd have to be into 6figs. Do restaurant management jobs pay that nowadays?

  23. Agl didn't even know it was a dog lol. It like randomized it i think when I created the profile and I didn't care enough to change it lol

  24. Work on you, bro. We'll have your back as long as you are in Orange and Brown.

  25. He was in orange and brown during that preseason game and I don't think many of us (self included admittedly) has his back lol. But I feel ya

  26. This is the tax on their income. They pay a lot of other taxes that are categorised under operating expenses. Stuff like payroll tax etc

  27. So do I. Doesn't mean I get a lower rate on my businesses net profits.......

  28. Can I get me some of that 6% tax rate on my business profits?

  29. Kennedy as well possibly with buffs relating to a science victory

  30. Im sorry what the fuck is this recording?

  31. Lol. Wait you bought it and just now realized you have to run it?

  32. Get cut out for it. Face it head on. Get rejected until you get accepted. Fuck car sales or any of these suit wearing asshat gigs designed for people that are soft and break after being yelled at. D2D will make you insane money so long as you outwork everyone around you. Make it your life. Put everything after it. Family comes after solar. This is the mindset that’ll make you a millionaire. Car sales can’t compete with the money you can make in solar.

  33. I'm walking into a downvote here, but I thought Shump was really overrated by this fanbase. I thought he had poor instincts and no real offensive skill, and more importantly, wasn't the defensive stopper he was made out to be.

  34. Shump had that great 4 point play in the finals. But people forget what happened immediately after....

  35. So why is there this crazy upswing here? I guess due to instability in supply chains?

  36. Don't use legal advice, it's filled with cops who wouldn't know their ass from a lawyer

  37. STOP RESISTING!!!! 🔫 🔫 🔫 🔫 🐷

  38. I am not willing to sell my values to support evil oppression.

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