1. will have more sense if isteand of hank was white hank

  2. Your roblox remakes of all these characters are so accurate

  3. Thanks, this made my evening! I have always loved making MC roblox characters, if you want i could DM you some

  4. Oh cool, I have both tricky and hank outfit

  5. If you’re into competitive modes like races or ranked bosses, playing with keyboard access is going to be a lifesaver. However if you’re mostly just playing to play and more “casual” then it’s basically a matter of convenience.

  6. oh also i getting the version on google play store does everything you said still apply?

  7. You add 1 non important detail, and it makes everything wrong

  8. he litterally got squished though, if MM happens before MC1 we would have seen some bandages.

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