LPT: Before you give your child a unique name, try it out first. Use it on food orders, reservations, appointments where applicable, etc. It’ll give you a glimpse of what they’ll deal with when they’re older and could prevent future issues.

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  1. Smaller classes aren’t the answer.

  2. It's not the answer to improving student outcomes (not the biggest, anyway). It only has a relatively small effect size on that using Hattie's (somewhat flawed) observations.

  3. I'm starting to develop the view that streaming is good, but we stream too precisely, and perhaps too early.

  4. It's not just about # of extensions, but type too. Extending kids in existing curriculum, beyond QDTP, is rewarding effort and talent with more work of the same type.

  5. I hate ability streaming for most classes. The correlation between ability and behaviour is such that the lower classes are a nightmare for teachers.

  6. Probably because no one knows what it actually entails and can do for their lives. I was forced to pick between French and Japanese, both of which were completely pointless to my life. Introductory economics prior to year 10 could show young people how applicable it is to their lives. Even kids who want to leave school and learn a trade could benefit from a fundamental understanding of how to best maximise earnings. It has the potential to be single handedly the best tool for working class kids

  7. We include the economics curriculum into HAS for all of 7 - 10. My understanding of the year 10 assessment is it's project-based learning and the kids have to pick a purchase they'll need to make in their lives (uni, car, deposit for renting), and plan it all out, including justifying a payment plan, vs investing the principle and purchasing later.

  8. Oh well. If they don't see knowledge in how the economy functions as important then that's on them, I suppose. Employees and tenants will always be required.

  9. My guys set up wireless projection at my school last year. It's been a very popular change. Just needed a bunch of Ethernet cables as there were data outlets reasonably close by to most projectors.

  10. I'm sure I've read March somewhere, but when trying to find the source, I found others saying EOFY.

  11. Tell the year 6 teachers that you were allocated the adjustable desks, and if one of them doesn't make the swap you will be writing a formal complaint about them both.

  12. What state and region? Queensland has permission to teach, which let's you start teaching before your degree is over.

  13. thank you so much, i assumed this was the case as i know it is with other classes however i didn’t know if it was something that required in depth knowledge, like a language, if you could still cross teach! but thank you so much this definitely answered my question!

  14. Don't burn yourself out. You will often find yourself in situations where something has to give. Don't let it be you.

  15. I had Open AI write the exemplar for every assessment in my subject area, and plan on paying to make a school account so it's open to other teachers.

  16. North QLD secondary perspective. May translate to other states too, or if you're able to move across the country, it might be worth knowing.

  17. Yes it is very famous. Bundaberg is a Queensland town, you can visit. It makes rum and fresh ginger. The soft drinks like this one are a secondary line. The ginger beer is the most famous. There is an Australian phrase, “bundy and coke” (rum and coke) traditionally consumed as a sundowner (sitting on a beach watching the sunset, bundy and coke in hand). Perhaps you should visit us?

  18. All the good stuff is soulbound, so it can't be listed on the AH. Instead, crafters make it for you via a new order system.

  19. Australian Consumer Law ignores silly things like warranty end dates. All products have to last a reasonable amount of time. Microsoft has already set a lifespan on their Xbox products by releasing a new console every few years. I think any reasonable person would expect their new Xbox to last as long as it takes for a new model to be released.

  20. Press Windows + G and record yourself playing for a few mins and then link it so we can provide concrete examples.

  21. I feel like I'm doing something wrong. Done all the weekly stuff and a few mythic pluses and a week of 0s...still sitting at 360. Bad rng? Can't craft...herb/alch.

  22. There is 0 excuse to be under 366. Get the Drakebreaker gear. This will upgrade the ilvl you receive from WQs.

  23. In Australia we have high school and then you can go to university or Tafe. Tafe is the more hands on type of school, not as highly regarded as a uni bachelor degree but you might get more practical experience.

  24. A college is a live-in university (think dorms, frats, sororities from movies). A technical college uses the more archaic meaning of the word college (as an educational institution lower than a university), which is what TAFE is in Australia, and is not necessarily live-in, despite using the word college, which has come to mean the living arrangement in the US university world.

  25. I found it to be extremely easy as long as you never take any of the chance based encounters and always go with the indians.

  26. Encounters don't fire if you send your expeditions after reaching quinine. They all get assigned to the Congo rover exploration, so you have to complete that to re enable the encounters for Western frontier

  27. I have been playing US and running into the exact same issue. It’s gotta be bugged out, that was the only thing I could think of.

  28. Researching quinine before you attempt the expedition seems to prevent beneficial events firing until after you have completed the Congo River expedition

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