1. Yeah, so I’ve read a couple comments on here saying that this isn’t dry again, and they are exactly right. This is wet aging.

  2. There's a product called umai dry aging bag that allows you to "dry age" in your fridge in the bag. It's not an open air normal technique and it's not wet aging. Op said it's supposed to be like umai but a different brand he could get in his country

  3. I’m assuming you completely read and followed the instructions got the seal air strip oriented right and part of your seal. no seal goes past where the strip is right. That strip acts as a gasket to let moisture out and air in.

  4. No the vacmouse only lets the vac pull air out otherwise the bag would stick to itself and you wouldn't be able to get all the air out. The bag itself is a "membrane" that lets the moisture out

  5. Imagine basing your build decisions based on internet strangers who will never see or use your rifle

  6. This may be a stupid question, but can you explain why searing/browning the meat first is important? I understand why you'd do a sear on beef when cooking a steak, but since you'll be cooking it all the way through during the simmer, whats the point of searing before the simmer?

  7. Not to mention they all look alike lol (I'm Asian myself)

  8. Weed do have benefits from a health stand, alcohol not so much.

  9. I ordered a pair a while back. They are crappy made in China. I doubt they are real Oakley. I wouldn't use them for any protection from impact. Dust protection only.

  10. They are authentic Oakley but from the ppe line so not meant for anything other than basic use.

  11. Circle k has polar pops not qt. It's just the styrofoam cup

  12. Looks like they make the outer crust extra thick so there's less room in the middle for toppings. What a scam

  13. Take out individual parts from the slide as a process of elimination and see if that allows it to move

  14. I’m convinced these comments are sponsored by Salad and Go and Angie’s lobster. Same restaurant ownership, both comments slinging the $4 breakfast. I’ve had the burritos before and honestly it was the only thing from there that I didn’t like, yet somehow hacks for Phoenix.

  15. Salad and go was sold off and then they opened Angie's lobster so not same owners.

  16. I got close with joker, combo, summon, meta, mimic on blessing but seeing timewinder in the other comment makes sense

  17. Highest ranks? Probably not. Do well? sure but it will take time and effort.

  18. Let's make one thing clear epa doesn't make laws they make rules. Only congress makes laws. This is unconstitutional.

  19. So is there any difference between a ribeye and a prime rib? Is a ribeye literally just prime rib sliced into 1 inch cuts?

  20. Doesn't need to be 1" steaks. Could be any reasonable thickness so long as it's not another roast.

  21. Yeah. But normally those say this item contains substances know in the state of California… but This one specifically says consuming this product can expose you to lead which is know in the state of California…

  22. 6 in one half a dozen in the other. Same useless warning different order of words. Maybe there's potentially lead in the label so touching it is bad vs potentially lead in the product itself.

  23. Egg roll wrappers but the kind that doesn't make bubbles texture

  24. Tap magic 30004P cutting fluid. Apply a a little to the surface every couple passes. Can't go wrong using too much, just don't use too little bit.

  25. lmao not with that terminator leg he’s got now 🤖

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