1. well from what i read i would assume she is at least interested; is she straight?

  2. I don’t even know if she’s gay but from what I heard from our other friend, she’s been consistently rejecting guys and even joked she might be gay 👀 but she had boyfriends before so idk

  3. Ofc it’s getting downvoted I want a genuine answer from someone why it’s isn’t assault that she woke up to his hand in her without prior consent. That means his hand was in there whilst she was asleep

  4. Not saying it’s not assault because it is, but you’d be mind blown by how common this happens between couples.

  5. Hold up? Lmfao, you think that people in relationships just automatically consent to sex? You're one of those morons that believe "marital rape doesn't exist" right 🤣

  6. I didn’t say that lol what I was saying is that your reply doesn’t really apply to all scenarios because as I’ve said, there’s an established sexual intimacy between them. The boyfriend could’ve thought it was okay to do that (maybe something to spice up their sex life or something), but apparently, it’s not, so communication plays a big role here.

  7. Medyo awkward honestly hahaha but mawala raman sya sooner or later. Pero if di jud ka comfortable, you can avoid being close with them or be in the same friend group with them.

  8. The one where his wife or girlfriend is like 10x out of his league.

  9. sana nga po ganito. kasi medj hindi ko pa po forte yung paggawa ng mga decisions or pleadings. pero im trying to learn na rin po.

  10. Di ka naman ipapagawa ng decisions OP, di ka naman court 🤣 pleadings din, di masyado. Yung lawyer ang gagawa nun. Yung most likely ipagawa sayo eh yung simple affidavits lang naman

  11. Depends if they're applying for a quasi-judicial agency. Samin kasi, kahit LA, pinag eevaluate and draft orders na.

  12. Hang in there OP! Makakawala ka din sa puder nila and you can be free from all the sufferings they caused you. I’m so sorry that you had to experience that. But I hope you know na mas maraming nagmamahal sayo.

  13. Depends what time ka mag travel. Pero if morning pa, you can wait atbang sa sm downtown ug jeep na b3 pero rare nalang na karon. Then if makasakay naka, iask ang driver if musulod sa bulua terminal kay naay uban dili musulod. Option 2, from sm downtown, sakay kag c2 jeep muadto kag cogon, then from cogon, sakay kag apovel jeep (sure na musulod sa bulua terminal no need to ask driver) or iponan jeep (need pa to ask driver kay not all musulod sa bulua terminal)

  14. As someone who have friends who took the bar last year (they all passed the bar, btw 😌), it really depends on what type of person he is. Kasi i have friends na halos sa gc di na nagpaparamdan, meron din nagpakalayo layo during review, meron din every night nag aaya mag ml (during study break nya), and meron din friends na weekly kami umiinom para maka destress sila sa bar review. Masusuggest ko lang talaga is cross the bridge when you get there. Sure you can prepare care kits and other stuff to help him. Pero yung moral support talaga yung mas important. Listen to what he needs during the review. If he wants peace and quiet, give him that. If he wants you to visit, visit him at least once a week. Literally, just be there for him kasi habang papalapit nang papalapit ang bar, yung ibang bar takers di na nila maintindihan yung anxiety nila so being present really helps 😊

  15. I usually tell my other cats and dogs na din to find my missing cat. So far, nagwowork naman sya, yung parang hinahanap talaga nila kasi sabay sila uuwi nung nawalang cat. Try mo OP wala namang mawawala 😊 praying na makabalik na cat mo

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