1. All they have to do is open up Campfire so I can actually chat with locals and coordinate. It's fine if they want more in-person raiding but give me the resources to do it! I remote raid because none of my friends play the game, not because I'm lazy and want to sit inside.

  2. I heard you can only chat with people who are already your friend so don't get your hopes up

  3. There are websites where I’ve been able to find local friend codes and add them, I just can’t talk to them! So honestly I could make do with this.

  4. I just want a counter so I know how baby battles I have left each day. Especially on battle day!!

  5. Same tbh. Checking your journal is good on regular days if you play your games all at once.

  6. Love the idea. I’ve often wanted to be able to say something like “Great game” or “amazing catch on the swap” or “love the spice”. But from the comments it seems the world is full of assholes so….

  7. Yeah the response has been pretty depressing. Some people get really emotionally invested in competitive games and struggle to think positive unless they're winning I guess. Personally I can't imagine being annoyed by somebody telling me gg after a match.

  8. Ive got a hundo I’ve been throwing rare candies at for a while, glad I don’t have to anymore!

  9. I was just wondering the same thing so I looked up the world clock:

  10. Good to know. Now that feels like something worthwhile. Just seemed like a pointless medal grind before learning this. I’ve pretty much ignored the feature since it came out and only touched it if I had a task telling to use it.

  11. I've come to enjoy PvP a lot but in terms of rewards the encounters are the real draw and the reason I try to win at least 3 games every set.

  12. Ok, but do we collect the stardust rewards automatically? Can I collect them anytime I choose to open GBL after 1pm PDT? I'm gonna be in class so I'm trying to strategize here. Thanks!

  13. You collect them as soon as you go to the battle tab. Even if you are just going to make a battle team for raids, or fight leaders - as soon as you hit battle, rewards are locked in. It's not automatic.

  14. Excellent, this is what I was looking for. Thanks!

  15. I added you before, TwiceGang. I'm sorry for leaving before, someone left before me and we were down to 3. I'm happy to join again if we can get enough people!

  16. I’ve already added Wuntung, add me for Palkia

  17. Try Go Raid Party, it's an app that I've had a lot of success with.

  18. I’ve had issues joining, it says I need premium to even have a chance of joining, I’m just gonna wait it out

  19. You have to wait 10 seconds if you're not premium, which is plenty for some of the parties. I just did 3 Palkia raids and there are way fewer of those compared to Genesect.

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