Chapter 174 [English]

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  1. Because of his long story, saitama missed the biggest market sale of the decade

  2. Cassidy is golden Freddy, the one who put William in ucn, and supposedly “The one you should not have killed”

  3. He has very high defense, which makes encountering him during a genocide run very annoying

  4. Pyskos Is obsessed with breaking the limiter, Saitama is the only being to remove his limiter

  5. Just a little determination isn’t enough, enough determination equal to 7 humans souls is needed, flowey didn’t have that much

  6. I believe invaderzz was the og head mod, before Popo and Gyfr. Probably him? Not sure.

  7. One that isn’t too well known, but that I really like, is Heart and Soul

  8. I think the Papyrus one is just a gag and Sans is just really fast, which is why he's the only monster that can dodge

  9. So you’re saying sans tapped into the speed force, and shared the energy with frisk

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