1. This definitely explains Scott Pilgrim.

  2. whatever that movie is where Tim Allen turns into a white mop

  3. The Shaggy Dog. Also check out the 1959 original and its sequel.

  4. Upvote for The Shaggy Dog!

  5. I agree with this twice (1978 & 2018)

  6. From Dusk Till Dawn would have been an insane experience going in blind.

  7. I rented this on VHS without reading the back cover. I just saw "Rodriguez" and "Tarantino" and jumped in blind. Definitely the best way to see this movie!

  8. My guess is War of the Worlds.

  9. And they have the perfect chance to name it ‘Fast and Four-ious’ too!!!

  10. Personally I can't wait for Fast and Fourteenious.

  11. All hot takes and unpopular opinions that are just "X movie is actually bad/overrated" and "Y movie is good/underrated" are incredibly boring and you should try a bit harder with your hot takes

  12. I actually quite liked X and can't wait for the prequel Pearl. 😜

  13. Fast times at Ridgemont high

  14. The ones I'd usually recommend have all been listed, so I'll go for Five Fingers For Marseilles - a great and underappreciated South African western from 2017.

  15. Cate Blanchett. Brings something new EVERY TIME.

  16. On a whim. Then I regret it when I look back a couple of days/hours/minutes later.

  17. Jessie Buckley is my favorite actor to watch right now. Putting her in the lead is guaranteed viewing from this guy!

  18. Yes!! ❤️❤️❤️

  19. Michael Mando. Better Call Saul proved to me that he can lead a dramatic action movie.

  20. It's better to ask. Confrontation can be scary, but being kissed without consent can be scarier.

  21. Back to the Future any day.

  22. Be Kind Rewind (2008) is very Michel Gondry but that's what I love about it. It's a weird and wonderful blend of mixed media meta-filmmaking.

  23. I find its rough-around-the-edges vibe very appealing and suited to the subject matter. And the ending where the store's window looks like a TV screen to the people outside is one of my favourite cinematic moments.

  24. This turned out to be my favourite Star Wars movie.

  25. In recent memory: Hot seat

  26. This is Not a Burial, It's a Resurrection is a great recent film from Lesotho

  27. Came here to say this. The film was Lesotho's Oscar submission, and worthy of a win in my opinion.

  28. Filmmaking. Surprisingly they even get depictions of THEIR OWN JOBS wrong.

  29. I feel like that’s a growing problem with trailers now. The Bullet Train trailer gives away the whole movie and plays every time I’m in the theater. So, I can’t avoid it unless I show up late.

  30. I think it's easy to forget, but probably important to remember that trailer makers (usually not the people who made the movie) only care about ticket sales. Once you're in the seat, they really don't care what your experience is. It's a catch 22, especially for cinema-goers who actually show up in time and watch the trailers.

  31. Hustle is a literal remake of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels though, so hardly unintentional.

  32. 18 – It's been a slow month :P

  33. Jack Nicholson's president in Mars Attacks.

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