1. Nah, there were a lot of things that made ch.2's development waaay slower. Now there are a lot of things that make the chapters' development waaay faster.

  2. So can the other plants and zombies and zombies but not shoot anything and some can cause black holes and bench planets

  3. So you're saying that all the plants and zombies are powerful enough to fight gods and destroy planets. They can be killed with cheese, peas and berries but they can't be killed with a knife or by a kid that erased a universe.

  4. That's the logic of pvz nothing makes sense I know and In the comic it makes no sense to the max and I mean it's like bro what the fuck was y'all thinking and u should actually try to look at their fears and don't use vs battles fandom Wiki or any wiki they make no sense

  5. I see a problem with this. What exactly is a shitpost here? Something that is made in less than 5 minutes to be funny? Then all the memes should be banned, right? This is not a subreddit for art that has taken hours to make, if something gets a lot of upvotes, is because it deserves it, even if it took less than 5 minutes to make. Why do you think the first Baby Bones post or the first "is he stupid?" post became so popular? Because they were original things that had never been seen, so people found them funny. The 10000 Baby Bones and "is he stupid?" posts that were made after did not get more than 100 upvotes. These shitposts only get upvoted when they're new, when they stop being popular and funny, and the whole subreddit is filled with them, people stop posting them (they only last 3 days).

  6. That happened to me with snowgrave Spamton NEO. I wanted to beat him without healing and when the battle ended I realized my HP bar was still full.

  7. The dogs are a tribe and people make decks that only use them, this quest should be easy with one of those decks.

  8. Man, fighting Undyne the Undying after having fought this person is like fighting a sardine after having fought a shark.

  9. Man, this is amazing! I love seeing how the fans think Spamton's past life was. Reminds me of the defragmentation comic.

  10. "I think it's coming for me, answer the phone, I can't explain till we're all alone, it pulls the strings and makes them ring, until your heart starts breaking up/gets ripped out."

  11. The first cult war was the council of Frisk vs the other ones, and the second war was the Flowey cult vs the Temmie cult, right?

  12. Yup, that's the official Fangamer Europe website. I bought my Spamton plush there.

  13. Thank you! I really appreciate the suggestion, all of you are so nice.

  14. Unlike the other things, which were popular for some days and then were forgotten, the "Why would Chara do this?" meme has never been too spammed here, but it has been the Chara defenders' main weapon since they started existing. I'd say it is posted here every two or three months at least once.

  15. Yes, that's because we know what they did, but we don't know why they did it. That's why many people think they're a normal person who was manipulated and corrupted and others think they're the manipulator.

  16. Nobody thinks he hates his parents, he just can't feel any love or compassion for them. That's why he could kill them multiple times without feeling bad.

  17. People from other subreddits started doing that with their names of their subreddits. For example, the Omori subreddit was "My Omo? Ri", the DontStarve subreddit (I don't know what it's about btw) was "My starve? Don't", and the Deltarune subreddit was "My delta? Runed". As you can see, it didn't even make sense, but people found it funny for some reason. A lot of subreddits, including the Undertale one, were filled with these posts.

  18. Yes, a monster's feelings can change their strength a lot. I mean, look at what happened to the amalgamates, or to Undyne in the neutral route. They had the liquid determination in their bodies, but they could not use it. Not even Undyne, who wanted to protect her friends and save the monsters, could use her determination's power.

  19. I think that thanks to the human souls, Omega/Fotoshop Flowey, same as Asriel (God of Hyperdeath) both versions have infinite DEF. ATK. and HP, just insane.

  20. Yeah he probably has infinite stats too. Since we could not know that, we had to rely on the game's code. There, PS Flowey's stats are pretty low (if I remember correctly). But Asriel's stats are garbage there, too, even though they are infinite in the game, so the stats PS Flowey has in the code aren't probably his canon stats.

  21. A lot. We can just tell you that there are a lot of fanmade things, the Undertale fandom has more lore than Undertale itself. Nobody can know the amount of AUs and fanmade things that have been created: it is almost impossible to find them all because there are millions of them and they are in many different places.

  22. He is talking about the men inside, not just about one guy. The swatchlings are the only men that are always inside the mansion, so he is probably talking about them.

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