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  1. Too bad the stage crasher didn’t smash that guitar over Mr Wanna Be country douche.

  2. How is he a douche? He has had success in multiple genres and reached tons of people.

  3. https://www.metalsucks.net/2022/03/19/staind-frontman-aaron-lewis-maybe-we-should-listen-to-what-vladimir-putin-is-saying/

  4. I’d love another go at the freebie I got. (Forum stomper x fugue state) x forum stomper. It grew SO easy and the smoke is very relaxing without couch lock.

  5. PDQ is still remarkably cheap for what it can do. Zero linux nonsense, zero SQL crap, zero IIS configs. It really is that easy and powerful. If I worked somewhere that wouldn’t pay for it, id pay out of my own pocket to use it.

  6. Lol way to creep on my profile loser.And that plant is fine now and they are all almost a foot tall with at least two more weeks in veg.Also the plants leaf wasn't yellow because I used fertilizer,it's just my soil was a little high in nitrogen.🤦🏻‍♂️

  7. Look at the rest of the comments in this post. All helpful and positive. Your comment was douchey and not helpful. You set the tone with your comment.

  8. No you're just being an overly sensitive little man.And also being pouty saying "I'm done with fox farm".Like it was the nutrients and not you.Grow up dude.

  9. Don't sell anything if you can help it, I always regret selling instruments.

  10. Feed schedule is tap water de chlorinated usually 2-3 times a week depending on soil dryness. PH is Around 6.0 . Mars hydro websites says between 400-800 basically. It’s a 100w to the wall. I’ll get a tester later and test actual tent ppfd.

  11. My SSB3 is coming along so easy and beautiful! Thank you 🙏

  12. I have 2 Queens Banner by Night Owl in 4x4 Vivosun with the Vs4000 light. Started in peat pots on a heat mat Oct 31. By day 5, they had a set of full leaves and were transplanted to 5 gal bags of FF Happy Frog. After 2 weeks of simply watering, I now have a 32 hour rotation of Ya Whey Thrive, water, and FF Grow. I trimmed the main stem last night and TBH I'm seeing such rapid growth every 6 hrs I'm really stunned. The plants are putting out such bushy side growth, I'm wondering if I should trim more fan leaves in prep for SCROG? First time auto and tent grow.

  13. Sounds like you have a good plan! No clue why you got downvoted, looking forward to the results!

  14. I’ve never smoked cigarettes, started smoking joints about 30 years ago. I prefer to use a dry herb vaporizer now and wish that technology existed 30 years ago! Deez lungs would be in much better shape.

  15. I have the amber colored version of that bass! It gets a really nice full sound with both pickups all the way up, rolling off the tone knob helps decrease string noise but doesn't make anything muddy. It's a really kick ass bass.

  16. The Weeknd, Kanye, Justin Bieber, Quincy Jones, and my CPA

  17. Don't need a tuner, so that can go. I'm going Bass Big Muff, Chorus, Compressor

  18. I am not sure why, but both times I grew this plant so far I burnt the living hell out of it. First time was growing with liquid salts and the second time was with organic dry amendments. I still ended up with great flower and a decent harvest each time either way which says a whole lot. Still have a few seeds left though so I hope at least one looks like yours because that plant looks beautiful. I'm stoned and rambling. Good grows

  19. She is mos def sensitive to nitrogen, I had some curled leaves and slight burn early on in flower. Backed off a bit on the Lotus Bloom and she recovered really well.

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