1. Luffy putting his hat on Nami in Arlong Park was the first big moment that made me do that

  2. Seastone body and pacifista/kizaru laser

  3. Hung out with different groups of witches for centuries and also had a romantic relationship with Mary-Alice a witch in the early 1900’s shown in the web series The Originals: The Awakening

  4. Oh. I haven't seen that one. Had no idea it existed. Thank you for telling me about it.

  5. It was an interesting series of shorts that absolutely should have been flashbacks in the actual show detailing Kol creating the dark objects and exploring the build up to him being daggered one hundred years ago

  6. I like both designs. But franky is one of my favorite strawhats so I'm biased

  7. Great actress. She was one of the best things about season 7

  8. I have never watched the show, but I watched her in The Rookie. I've been visiting other subs from shows that she was in because I liked her so much and her death hurt me a lot. I wanted to read more goof things about her. My question though was if she played the Salvatore's mom in flashbacks or was it present-day? I'm asking because many people referred to that role when she died, but I'm just realizing that she's a year older than Ian Somerhalder.

  9. She was in flashbacks and then was a vampire in current day

  10. When the originals spin off got announced I was really excited for Kol to be in it…then they killed him. It’s ashame too because once Rebeckah left halfway through season one Elijah and Klaus started to feel a bit too similar to Stefan and Damon

  11. Yeah I remember that feeling when they killed him right before the spin off. Seemed like such a bonehead move to kill an intriguing and popular character that excited people right before making a show that he should have been an important part of from the start.

  12. Kol was so fun on TVD especially because he was just the mischievous, sadistic, and unpredictable little brother but they hardly even utilized him before his ridiculous death

  13. If you're on Sanchez's good side, he seems pretty nice. I mean, him and Bond even seemed to hit it off.

  14. Sanchez seems like a really nice dude to the people he’s friends with and trusts but if you get on his bad side, you’ll die horribly. Still seems real cool with people he likes

  15. Magnus was such a waste. They always had that in their back pocket then when they brought him in, it felt like they immediately regretted it so killed him off

  16. Favorite character in the show. Fun character and brilliant performance

  17. He was phenomenal in the early seasons, and lost that once he came back. Also Matt Davis is unfortunately a terrible person

  18. Pre TS Franky is such a fucking godlike design, by far the worst redesign imo.

  19. I don’t despise his post TS design like some do but it was a definite downgrade. At the very least, I wish he kept his old hair as his default.

  20. I've actually thought about this. Connery in Diamonds Are Forever. He's got the sexy dad bod thing going on. He doesn't do any insane death-defying stunts. Clearly had way too many free radicals. Yes, I would be 007 from DAF.

  21. This would be my answer outside of the claustrophobia of being in that coffin in the furnace

  22. I love the Goldeneye score. It’s definitely unique but I think it fits the movie spectacularly

  23. When Elena planned and executed a near genocide just to get a cure that she really knew nothing about. Show was never the same after she had Kol killed. With the logic of that universe, Klaus, Rebekah, and Elijah should have wiped out Mystic Falls for that

  24. Personally think Moore should’ve been recasted after Moonraker. The 80s should’ve brought in a whole new talent all together

  25. I tend to agree as much as I enjoy his later movies. I think the 80’s should’ve belonged to Dalton

  26. The pivot away from camp following moonraker would've been a good time for Dalton to step into FYEO, which I feel he would've been even better against Topol and Malina Havelock. Then octopussy and AVTAK as Dalton's cheeseball entries and back to grit with TLD

  27. I could even see Octopussy being tweaked a bit for Dalton. That surviving the hunt in the jungle sequence could have been a real intense sequence without things like telling the tiger to sit

  28. The Living Daylights brings me pure comfort, specifically the music. The Man With the Golden Gun too, it was my moms favorite

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