1. It’s also funny because the scientists and engineers that got the US to the moon almost exclusively use the metric system. The military does as well. It’s a better system and makes computing sizes, distances, weights, and volumes simpler.

  2. I work heavy construction, and we use a mix of metric and imperial

  3. You do not recognize the bodies in the water people in the picture.

  4. Damnit, I swear I went to highschool with those people...

  5. Hell, I don't want kids for one very good reason. I don't like kids.

  6. ... did...we...just win? Why am I turning into dus...

  7. Really? So the whole "we know where Lincoln's body is" thing is not evidence?

  8. Fun fact, at one point a group of criminals tried to steal it.

  9. I wanna say it came out 10 ish years ago, but I'm probably wrong

  10. On a scale of 1-10 how bad is it if I find this funny?

  11. funny enough, in on a potato diet and currently have booked potatos with me at all times. its funny to watch people watch me eat a random potato just like that.

  12. Not trying to sound like a jackass, but what's a booked potato?

  13. In my experience, most people are incurable bigots.

  14. It's a club. They met every third Thursday, get drunk, and throw people off buildings, light each other on fire, and act like idiots. Looks like a lot of fun

  15. Rule #1 about secret conspiracy clubs is.... that you ensure everybody hears about it through your crazy cousin.

  16. Nah, I just live down the street from where the party happens. They're very rude, keep me up all night.

  17. The fact that she can't put a specific number to it is disturbing.

  18. I'd follow just about anyone if I got the dragon on the roof.

  19. Mine had the same thing. At a guess, it could be over watering, but i could very easily be wrong

  20. Fuck it then, I'll give it a try. I saw a documentary about a dude who flew around the world enough times they turned back time. I'll just do that but in the other direction. Seems easy.

  21. Oh shit! I had a choice?! Well I can’t spell so I guess there’s that.

  22. I'm sure they would be totally "separate but equal" too... since that totally worked out the first time it was tried too...

  23. Maybe we should just give them 3/5 of a vote while we're at it. What could possibly go wrong?

  24. Well, fuck it. The us is done for, I'm going to Germany.

  25. I did 3 years in retail, working for chains pretty much everyone in the us will at least have heard of (2.5 at Kroger, the rest at target) During that time, I was vomited on, had little kids shove shopping carts into my knees at high speed, bite me, lick me, demand I buy them stuff. I got at least one death threat, and had someone throw food at me. I was nearly run over more times than I can count, screamed at on a daily basis, and once, had to clean bodily fluid from the farmacy. My point being, some jobs need more than a livable wage.

  26. More info: this person also believes in European superiority (“the master race”), racial purity, colonization being good, woke leftist indoctrination, themselves to be “not indoctrinated”, and that everyone who prefers non-European features (black skin, curly hair, small eyes, etc.) are lying P.S: apparently this is a 15 y/o

  27. If it's a 15 year old, I give them a bit more time to get they're act together. I had weird ideas when I was 15 also.

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