1. From a user perspective, there doesn't appear to be a dramatic change. On the back end, how updates are processed and system compatibility, there are some serious advances.

  2. The biggest complaints I get are that users can't put the task bar at the top, the copy/paste buttons are symbols, and the seconds are no longer visible on the clock.

  3. Besides a few ancient printer driver issues, our upgrades to 11 have been relatively painless so far. On wave 3 of 8....

  4. Working with what we have. Stop bitching about shit that is out of our control. Consumers that do not want to illegally import marijuana into Ohio from other states for whatever reasons, federal charges, felonies.. what a risk. Could always buy from Bob on the street, but who knows what I'm actually getting? Sure he said it's super silver haze, and it's amazing but street bud doesn't come with a lab report.

  5. Yes yes yes! It’s so sad to see people shitting on mmj constantly. Do people forget we are patients and prioritize legality and safety?

  6. The stick is part of the packaging the vendor uses to ship it to Home Depot, the store did not do this.

  7. "If it's laced with other things like fentanyl or they're using some type of chemical to help grow that product. It's toxic. Depends on what you put in there." Lol. Only a cop could say something so dumb. PGRs maybe, but even that wouldnt be considered a toxic level if normal use patterns.

  8. I mean, I reaaaaaaally doubt anyone would lace weed with fentanyl. But why risk your life for someone’s basement weed?

  9. Had wedding from POW, verrry mood elevating and relaxing, no couch lock

  10. I use a grinder as well...then I dump it on to my tray.

  11. I did get a seed! I put it in my hydroponic system but it was not viable.

  12. I thought this was on my crotchet Reddit group, wow that thing is wild looking

  13. I decided not to renew my card this year for that very reason. I don’t want to contribute to heartless rich fuckers getting obnoxiously richer off of our illnesses. If they cared about us they’d let us grow, simple as that. We’re just dollars to them. I’d rather give the money to my plug who actually likes me and doesn’t scam me.

  14. Rather give back to Ohio then pad big pharma pockets, but do you fam. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I ain’t risking buying anything off these streets.

  15. Nah dude my lyrica was $800 a month and my infusions are $33,000 a month. Weed is super cheap in comparison

  16. Love green runtz. Had some this past weekend and went hiking, pure bliss.

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