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  1. We really need to stop electing senior citizens to lead this country

  2. Well the previous generations refuse to let go and will strangle this country.

  3. Exactly. This is just a case of people being unable to let go of their toys.

  4. Zelenskyy for sure. And I'm not just saying that because I want him to win. Zelenskyy is still young and if you look at his pics he's clearly been working out. Putin is an old man and possible has some disease he's battling with. He'd get manhandled by Zelenskyy.

  5. Ego loss through serotonin psychedelics like LSD, shrooms or mescaline

  6. Pretty sure half of the components have already been grifted and sold off on the black market by some high ranking member of their rotting kleptocracy of a nation. Shit will fizzle out and explode like the Estes rocket built by the kid with ADHD.

  7. You always choose love man. Unless you wanna end up like some cartoon husk of a human being like Donald Trump.

  8. Because he's a narcissist who wants you to be thinking about him so that instead of pursuing your own healthy relationship - you'll wait for his current relationship to go belly up and then he'll swoop in because you'll be the substitute waiting in the wings.

  9. I live in the moment man. I flow like H20. Que sera sera and all that. Worries about the future fuck with my vibe. Be here now brother.

  10. It did vary some. I've lost three good friends to suicide. Two of them were just clearly sad situations, and I just missed them and in time grew up to accept their absence, but stayed compassionate towards them. And then in one instance it was my ex-girlfriend. It had nothing to do with me or us, but it hit me in a way that was difficult to cope with. And even after a long period of time not adjusting, ended up going to grief therapy, which I make no apologies or have regrets about.

  11. As a previous cheater yes I thought about my SO during the act. I've cheated a few times on a few different people. Typically what happens in my mind is, "yeah I'm having a few drinks, flirting with this guy, It's FUN!" Then as the night goes on (and more alcohol is consumed) it becomes, "well, one kiss isn't going to kill anybody." After that nothing matters, I'm drunk, he's drunk. We're both horny and hell no one will know. So the consequences part for me doesn't happen till the next day. The next day is the worst, the lowest of the lows. NO one is sympathetic to a cheater; not that they should be. So, there is this internal guilt of "oh fuck, this is so fucked." Seeing my SO the next day, I felt dirty and worthless. Sorry this is so long. I just never get the chance to talk about my side of the story.

  12. I appreciate your insight. I could honestly forgive one off drunken cheating because I get how alcohol messes with your mind and can make you do shit that's not really in your heart. I think the really bad kind of cheating is the premeditated, sober shit where you repeatedly go behind a guy's back. It is a little concerning that you've managed to get yourself in this situation a few times and haven't learned from your mistakes. But then again I've made the same drunken mistakes multiple times too. I get it. A couple drinks turns into complete chaos so easily.

  13. No. If I were in a mindset to cheat I would just break up with them because the relationship is dead.

  14. Nice to see porn finally getting the recognition it deserves for its contributions to humanity.

  15. Amusement park. Amusement parks are best enjoyed in small groups of like 4.

  16. I live in Canada. A lot of the media we consume is from the US. If I can count documentaries, podcasts, books, etc. Americans have taught me pretty much everything I know. Aside from Canadian politics and history lol.

  17. Yeah we got a shitload of tards, but there actually is a decent chunk of the population that's quite intelligent and well-educated. Harvard isn't just for the spoiled children of old money.

  18. Do you not find it interesting to talk with people from other countries? I honestly find it more interesting than talking to my fellow Americans. I know my fellow Americans well. I've heard all their stupid stories and traditions. I want to hear things about people I don't know a lot about.

  19. If she doesn’t like animals, nature, or house music.

  20. Oh those are good choices. There's literally no way a person can both not be an asshole and dislike nature imo.

  21. "I got two tickets to pound town brother." He'll get that you're joking and think you a clever lad.

  22. Dear god I would never do that. I cringe just thinking about it. Thanks for making me think this thought asshole.

  23. When it is what it is trying to be. A comedy should be funny. A drama should be intense and full of emotion with serious stakes in realistic settings. A horror movie should be scary and/or creepy. A movie is good to the extent that it is what it is trying to be. It doesn't necessarily have to be serious to be good.

  24. If we've seen anything in the natural world, it's that physical phenomena tend to repeat themselves in similar but unique ways. I'd be really surprised if there wasn't more life out there. I think you should also reconsider how we define intelligent. It's quite likely many creatures on Earth such as dolphins or elephants are just as smart if not smarter than humans but simply lack the general, utilitarian body structure with bipedal locomotion and free grippy hands with opposable thumbs for using tools we have that allows us to build civilizations. Like a dolphin could never pick up a hammer with flippers. We also seem to have an unusual capacity for communication, which is also a fundamental requirement of civilization. I imagine if there is intelligent life out there they have some sort of utilitarian body structure that allows the use of complex tools and also excellent communication, though their language might not take the form of manipulations of air pressure through an organ in the throat. Perhaps they convey information through patterns of color changes in their skin or manipulating their body's electromagnetic field?

  25. She's funny. Like I'm not saying women can't be funny. They just aren't raised to crack jokes the way guys are and it's much rarer you meet one that's really side-splitting, can make a whole group at a bar howl with laughter funny.

  26. That person is in some serious denial and is definitely lashing out because of it

  27. Oh for sure. I can assure this guy as a cis hetero dude I've literally never had any desire to be girl. It's certainly not "everybody" that wants to be a girl.

  28. Honestly the only Polish foods I'm even aware of are perogies, Polish sausage and polish pickles. They're all fine but hardly can't miss foods. I feel like Central and Eastern European cuisine are really only good to people who've never had proper Mexican food.

  29. Reveal to them a fake addiction. Like pretend addicted to heroin and gambling and coke all in one big thing and then refuse to change if they suggest you they will support you in recovery.

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