1. Sunday morning at 10 am pacific, $6.60 for a 20k guaranteed. That and the $16.50 for a 50k at 9am I believe.

  2. My advice is stick to one form of poker and master it. My niche is playing low-mid stakes mtts with fields up to 300 players. I crush at these. If you're good at low stake mtts you don't need to transition to cash. That said, minimum BR of 30 buyins for cash games.

  3. Huge Celtics fan here. Love it. Yeah I am a winning low stakes mtt player, just transitioning to cash at low stakes as well for several months to see both worlds and then decide which I’d like to pursue in my future poker. College student learning the game at a slow pace so that I can start picking up the pace/stakes when I have a real income.

  4. Mostly I would advise staying where you’re “comfortable/confident” and shot taking only when you really can.

  5. I appreciate it. That’s somewhat of what I’ve seen so far😂😂 I’m in college and am mainly doing it as a hobby for now as I can find enjoyment in not risking too much while learning the game more in depth at low levels. I’m looking at moving through micro stakes as a game essentially, and moving to the next stake will be like beating a level or one campaign and going on to the sequels. After college (aka when I have an income that isn’t immediately going to rent) the plan is to start at higher limits because obviously 5nl is full of idiots😅

  6. Are you looking for a pure in-game HUD, or stat tracking? PT4 is the best for the latter, but given the anonymity of Ignition, it’s not entirely useful for an in-game HUD. Plus, it doesn’t support Zone, so you’d have to download your HHs after your session and upload them to PT4 if that’s what you play.

  7. Stat tracking but doesn’t have to be too detailed. Just starting so something basic would work fine. In-game hud will be useful as well but similar to the other just need a basic one for now

  8. I'm literally sitting in one right now if that answers your question.

  9. I dont see that one either, just the $8,888 and $4,888.

  10. strange, hope they didn't discontinue it. I'm in the 4888 right now also so gl to you

  11. Poker analytics is by far the best if you have IOS. ( it has a yearly subscription fee)

  12. Poker Bankroll Tracker is great and the price isnt bad at all.

  13. take a mental reset day/week/month whatever you think is best. Make sure when you come back your focus is on winning that buy in back+more and not trying to win it all back in one. The big score will come if you play right.

  14. Had my biggest win ever this week on ignition 10+1 I forget which tourney but maybe the 5000$. Went through two bullets on crazy 8's before late reg on this one. Got down to 3 BB with 2 tables left and then less than 1 at the FT when it was full. Ran good and picked my spots to bag 750+! Feels good and rewarding. Previous biggest win was 300 last month.

  15. been messing around with micro HUSNG the past month and I’m up 25 buy-ins! about the least brag-worthy poker brag you’ll ever read, but I am happy about my trajectory and progress

  16. Heck yeah! I also recently started playing micro but 1-3 table SNG and I'm up a bit as well. Not anything noteworthy monetarily but its fun to feel like you are improving and having moments where you just know you are making the right plays.

  17. Started roughly 2 weeks ago playing low stakes cash games but pretty quickly realized I much prefer tournament play. Been mostly playing low stakes triple-ups with 1 real tourney a night from small buy ins like 5$. 2 nights ago decided to enter what was essentially a 250,000 monster stack sub-satellite. Made top 6 of 108 to win a ticket to any 10 + 1 monster stack tourney. Decided to use that to enter into the 2 seats guaranteed satellite for the 250,000. Ended up running well in there and earned the 150 + 12 ticket to the 250k tourney Sunday. Super excited and no expectations to cash on Sunday, but it will be so nice to play with a chance to win big and I will hopefully learn a lot more studying before and playing in that!

  18. Depends on where you live tbh. If you live in PA, MI, or NJ I'd play on pokerstars because you don't have to really wait to cash out or fuck with crypto. If not, a lot of people play on ignition.

  19. agreed. I just started playing for money as well and since I can't play pokerstars I play on ignition.

  20. What would you say your style of play is? More aggressive, only playing premium hands, bluffing in position? Did you use a heads up display?

  21. If there was a scale with tight on the left side and aggressive on the right side, i would probably typically fall about 2/3 to the left side. However, my opening ranges vary based on my chip count. I bluff in position with most above average hands depending on how many players have called BB. Still figuring out my strategy fully and really learning how to play good poker statistically. But 1.5 weeks in and I am really enjoying:) I did not use a HUD

  22. Hold up now. -Was the tournament approved by the parks and recs commission ? -Did they have measures in place?

  23. The problem is that your post is the reasonable way to look at things, and most people can’t see that right now. The fact of the matter is nothing about this was illegal, and lots of people in the comments are probably jealous that they are not able to play because of their own beliefs, and yet other people have different beliefs and are playing and that makes them upset.

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