1. No, they are intelligent, and I didn't state how I vote. I was shocked by how trusting Iowans have always been and because of their good nature and willingness to trust others, they're easily manipulated. Disappointing because they are so intelligent. And unfortunately, the church is using God to support hate instead of love. But just as societies have dissolved in the past, small towns with racist and homophobic values will become ghost towns due to the inability to cope and adjust to inevitable societal changes. It is as if they believe that they can continue to exist without changing with the times. The farmers that still exist in Iowa have made very progressive changes. Most resisted at first, but the ones still farming and making a living at it had to adapt to evolving practices. Racism and discrimination aren't helping the small towns. Looking at the towns growing in population and prospering in Iowa one can see that diversity is a major contribution to the growth.

  2. Small towns die because of economic changes not "inability to cope and adjust to inevitable societal changes."

  3. I’ll go to jail before I ever report a kid for being trans. I’d ruin my whole future career as a vet for a kid. This people often hate government being able to make them vaccinate, behave, and not carry a ak47 into a daycare but perfectly ok with government control when it benefits them.

  4. So.. we can blame the Holocaust on those who didn't pray hard enough, and not those who stood by indifferent because it didn't affect themselves? Stopping evil is not a passive process.

  5. How do you know prayer didn't work? Maybe prayer gave strength to those fighting. Maybe without prayer Hitler would have won.

  6. I say we transition to unisex bathrooms and end this stupid debate.

  7. That will just trigger the lid up/down debate.

  8. All lids close automatically then, that way everyone has to lift the seat

  9. Automatically closing lids scare me.

  10. If that's true then it's time for me to begin looking at moving to CO, OR or NM. Somewhere much bluer than IA.

  11. Yeah I’m in the US. I appreciate the honest tips.

  12. There is a lot of research involved in this type of business. My wife and I our on year 4 of a bakery/coffee/restaurant. Originally we just wanted bakery/coffee bar, but needed to offer a food menu as our building/building cost was high enough that we need the additional revenue to justify our cost. We are also in a very small community >3000 pop.

  13. I want to show up to one of these with a big picture of a priest that says "We have to stop the groomers!"

  14. Seems odd to show up at a drag event to protest priest.

  15. Oddly ironic that a Bible is being held near children to stop what people think are child predators...when catholic priests are known as child predators

  16. But there isn't any priest there. Just men dressed as women reading stories to children. Nothing to see here, move along.

  17. The obsession about 'Freedom' coupled with the atrocious slave away at work till you die culture. How do you not see the clash in values between 'we're so free, the freest in the world' and 'oh you should overwork yourself for your boss, never take vacations, and never actually do anything to FEEL like you're free'. Extends to way way WAY more things than just that, but that's the one that feels most jarring to me (the ones based in bigotry are at least easier to understand)

  18. You have the freedom to choose to "slave away at work" (your words, not mine) or not to slave away. You are not forced to work til you die. Hence, freedom.

  19. If you are an excellent detailer, be a detailer. But if you do this for a business AND hire employees you need to be a detailer AND a business person. You don't have to be an expert on every detail, but you must be willing to learn the basics and where to find answers/advice from legit sources.

  20. A llc is not a replacement for liability insurance at all. You definitely need liability insurance.

  21. Also, liability insurance does not replace the need for Workmans comp insurance.

  22. Do you have a set up fee? Design fee? any other fee other than a cost per shirt. If so, I would eliminate that and build that into the cost of the printed shirt. I found that when you deal with local groups, school, etc the more simplistic approach to pricing is the easiest.

  23. Because when roads are redone you have other roads to drive on. For some of us skateboarding is ALL we have. How about we take away your favorite thing in the world and tell you you’re not allowed to do it anywhere for a whole year? How about we come skate on your private property? How would you feel about that?

  24. Have you been on Reddit before?

  25. My RX came with a packet to mix with used pills to dissolve them and dispose of them safely at home.

  26. I just read the bill. It removes the section that AIDS is included in the teaching of communicable diseases, but DOES NOT EXCLUDE it.

  27. How would I f**king know? I just took the time to read the bill to see what it stated, then reported this back to this sub.

  28. We’ll I’m only 21 years old I got a secure credit card right when I turned 18 and immediately was working and have paid every single bill on time since I moved out. I also have 2 kids so things haven’t just been super easy. I’ve been working hard with the time I have, and I saved up to finally buy the trailer so that I would have some collateral. Do you think the trailer is going to help me? You said I had no real collateral. There’s no way I’d be able to get an established business going without a loan, and I understand it’s a risk. There’s always a risk when starting a business but I have a vision and I’m going to stay true to it so I have confidence in myself.

  29. If you were able to save up for the trailer as well as have the skill to make your cabinets, I would recommend looking for equipment from auctions. Defiantly hit and miss. I started a bakery/coffee shop with mostly used equipment. Espresso machine I would either by new or used from someone that services them. They are tricky buggers.

  30. In November I had the eye exam from Americas Best, ordered glasses and got my RX. Since it was going to be a couple weeks for my glasses I drove over to vision for less with my new RX, and was out the door within an hour with new glasses. No issues. The exam I had with Americas Best was a telemed exam as well.

  31. Seems like it is statistically unlikely to be useful. And most houses in Iowa have basements. In 72 years there have been 93 fatalities. One could argue that with climate weirding there will be more tornadoes and increase the number of deaths. 1.2 deaths a year across 3.19m people. 0.000000404911181 chance your tornado shelter will need to save you.

  32. So you're telling me there's a chance...

  33. That would be a great first step. I don't see how the state can continue to criminalize it while three of our neighbors have legalized it in some fashion.

  34. Same way the federal government does.

  35. God forbid IA does something that would get farmers off of welfare.

  36. Nope. Outside weed growing corporations will just move in. And I would assume weed is grown in closed climate buildings/green houses.

  37. I really can't understand why this conservative republican governor does not completely agree with my liberal democrat ideals.

  38. Last I saw it was a neutral beige. Will confirm tomorrow when I visit the in-laws for Thanksgiving.

  39. I think you mean Libertarian beige.

  40. You’re typical rural Iowan has been drinking water filled with pig feces. The result is a stupid person. Can’t be helped

  41. This is the most intelligent comment so far. Poster must not be an Iowa resident.

  42. Those young red states are only young and red because they also share the highest rates of teen pregnancy and lowest life expectancies. A lot like the “shit hole countries” republicans love to drag.

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