1. Yes they do but its never going to be realistic or historical the only metal armor they wore was chainmail, helm or maybe lamalar. Knowing ubisoft they wont give us authentic armor and we will just get metal pauldrons or plate armor witch wouldnt make sense.

  2. My god can people just enjoy the game who gives two fucks what she said

  3. I think they might do the Persian armour from the ac games

  4. I don’t mean an exact replica I mean like the mask

  5. Looks so fucking stupid in that bottom right pic

  6. I wish there was a varient without the pauldrons and the skulls

  7. Arent these already in the game accept first pic

  8. No, many of the ones in the grids you see are not in the game

  9. I dont see a single ornament that isnt already in the game

  10. Why are the only people that post on this sub like rep 2-8

  11. What if maybe for honor is fantasy? Who would have guessed.

  12. How many times does this need to be asked🤦‍♂️

  13. February 2nd, along with the new hero

  14. Id prefare it to be male but im not mad ill just play a male hero but gendre locking characters is terrible anyways.

  15. We have been asking for this since day one your talking to a brick wall

  16. Any request to ubisoft means nothing….but still we dream

  17. Like addd on story line side quests. Like Skyrim had the normal game with side quests but then you could get the add on quests

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