1. Stop taking pictures while you're driving

  2. I'm in Columbus! Feel free to message me.

  3. The issue is that Kansas has been documented as being very anti-abortion in the past.

  4. You're in the wrong sub for that sort of nonsense.

  5. When I started HRT, I had a pretty significant bald spot. After a year of estradiol, finasteride, and minoxidil, it was nearly gone. Not everyone will have the same results, but it worked really well for me.

  6. Recipient. Cancer->Ascites->Umbilical Hernia->Fungal Infection (from repair)->Tore liver and gallbladder to shreads between 2020 and 2022. Looked like brie cheese when they took it out in the photos I saw. Probably started as combination of drinking too much and living in a superfund site.

  7. Sorry that happened, but I'm so glad you got one!

  8. Yeah. Egg cracked right in the middle of the process. Gave the mental health evaluation team quite the surprise 😅

  9. I was worried the evaluation people would reject me as a donor for being trans, but luckily everyone was cool about it.

  10. Bi trans woman here. I'm a double donor: did my kidney a couple years ago and I'm recovering from a liver donation right now.

  11. My kid attends a French immersion school, so they call me "Maman", French for Mom.

  12. Kyle Bongers? The guy who got arrested for stealing a bunch of books from the library he was working at as a security guard?

  13. If you want to avoid the dams on the Olentangy, you can do Broadmeadows to Northmoor, or Tuttle to the Scioto. ODNR has a great guide

  14. I'm in, but I'm not sure where you'll find the other 17 women.

  15. Thank you for posting. It's been a rough couple of days and I think we could all use a feel-good story like this one.

  16. dump the Communist symbol on your sign would be good.

  17. Leave it. The communists are putting in the work to organize while the Democrats are singing "God Bless America". Vote Blue clearly isn't cutting it.

  18. Maybe it's bc I'm relatively young but I have literally never had to wait more than 15 minutes to talk to someone in a bmv office here

  19. It is because you're young. The idea that the BMV always has long lines was a mainstay of crappy '90s comedy and some people can't let the idea go.

  20. Weirdly specific post. A few years ago I postponed starting estrogen for a few months so I could donate a kidney.

  21. You're telling me you only want me here for my labor? I thought we were a family!

  22. This sub: Why are there so many street racers on 270, is CPD even doing their job?

  23. It's as if people like when the cops are helpful but dislike when they're harmful. Bunch of hypocrites.

  24. I'm a runner. For years, my 5K time stayed pretty steady around 26:00. Nothing great, but I was fine with it. A couple years ago I finally figured out my gender stuff and transitioned. Started estrogen and suppressed my testosterone. Within a year, my 5K time dramatically fell to 32:00. No amount of grasping at straws by the right is going to trump the biological reality that these differences are due to hormone levels.

  25. This has to be one of the biggest bullshit PR stories OSU has put out in a min.. talk to just about any undergrad student living off campus and I’m sure you’ll get a much different idea of how ‘safe’ it is..

  26. I swear, perpetually rising crime rates are an article of faith for some people. Stats don't matter to them.

  27. If you're taking a data-based approach to improving people's lives, the Chinese approach isn't exactly something to be avoided.

  28. I mean I'm gay and have curly hair so I approve of this


  30. Good. About time we started checking for drunk cops.

  31. Yep, back in college I was lost in a small town about 2:00 AM and got directions from an extremely drunk cop.

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