1. Are the names on Small World back? I know that broke in like late 2021 (due to connectivity issues from what I heard backstage), but hadn't seen it change back from B show since then.

  2. photo pass being added to genie+ was low key a really smart move. I'd never taken advantage of any of the photo pass photographers before but certainly did on my trip last week and I'll be buying pics.

  3. Any idea how to download the ride photos? We got genie+ for our trip but it’s still asking us to buy them.

  4. i was mistaken, you still have to buy them, it's not free except at dl

  5. try the bait shops further south or maybe ones on the ms coast.

  6. Can you recommend some? I’m not really finding any in my searches, this is why I asked the question.

  7. there are 40,000 hotel rooms in the new orleans metro. don't play dumb.

  8. Look, if you were in MN and wanted to know where to get some good BBQ I could tell you: Don’t go to Dave’s, go to Amos & Amos or Mr. BBQ. You need a geoduck? Go to SunFoods, you can’t find stuff like that at Cub. Need a bong or a gaint dildo at 3am? SexWorld, duh. I didn’t ask you to make a reservation, I asked for a recommendation. Have you heard good things about any particular venue? Type shit, a recommendation. If you don’t know your city, just say that.

  9. any of the major hotel chains are fine. you'll find them all here. we get more tax $ when you stay in hotels.

  10. The problem is not their nationality, it's that it's large groups of unsupervised teenagers. More chaperones actually herding these kids really needs to be required.

  11. even the adults have no situational or spacial awareness. they will destroy seating areas and not pick up their food / trash . I can't believe they aren't given a 5 minute rules talk like we all received as kids before every field trip.

  12. one small thing I don't miss about 2022 and 2021 with international travel shut down.

  13. Did that cold snap over Christmas weekend result in a mini-jubilee this year?

  14. One of my most magical moments ever was when my friend started clapping along to the music randomly. I joined in immediately of course and then the rest of the boat filled with strangers clapped along too. It was such a spontaneous moment of joy. We tried a few more times after that, but no other boat of randos has been as cool. I miss you, besties!

  15. aint nobody trying to buy a stolen Kia soul or Hyundai accent at auction anyway, it'll just get stolen back.

  16. because they say this on literally every thread talking about crime or anything wrong in the city

  17. Most of y'all act new. Based on post history, whoever runs that account works in law enforcement, most likely the justice system, and is extremely frustrated with the policies of our leadership. They're probably a lot more irritated with the crime in this city than y'all are with his posts.

  18. Allstate did our windows, we liked them enough to have them come back and replace our front door too

  19. rode it 5 times today back to back during fireworks 🎆 said goodbye the right way!

  20. Awesome!! It was fun and the lines were crazy almost like it was summer or something!

  21. I just pee in my butthole but I’m a penis person so it’s easier.

  22. well that's enough reddit for the morning. I'm gonna go for a walk in the sun.

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