1. l have updated it. After the last update this error occurred.

  2. Where do you even live btw cuz of the server errors, do you have colorblind off?

  3. ah yes the infamous rare bug that I got when I played with my friends, basically visually for some people it would show that the other person is dead you killed while calling a meeting even though they're still alive, we died of laugher but this is what happened and we thought they were dead, nothing much but an infamous bug

  4. I think you should be fine with not buying any for now, it's up to you but if you calculate how much these things cost in the shop with stars you might as well wanna see how much stars would cost for them

  5. yo innersloth will you fix the remaining bad lobbies in among us and all of these issues within the game and even with the hacker problems/ maybe make the classic among us a comeback just like how rovio did with angry birds, would be soo appreciated and fun! There's a lot of issues and i hope it gets fixed, I really love the game and I have really hard that one of you are Swedish and am actually too soo hejsan! I have so much in my mind and hope you guys do well!

  6. I like that, it's well drawn! Wish him a happy birthday from me :D

  7. The Wii Ship channel has been closed down for a while...

  8. Probably extremely low priority since A. a very very small percentage of people will still be redownloading games 18 and 16 years after the consoles came out and B. It's only redownloading so nintendo make more money

  9. Yeah I've thought of that and actually done it with some games, works perfectly well

  10. A whole lot of people are giving answers as if they have the facts, when the truth is that no one knows anything.

  11. That's another reason i've would've think of since there have been people saying that the reason was the earth quake but no one knows, that's the problem.

  12. Actually true in the clash of clans clash a rama video they made she was Actually meaner

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