1. He has been but I feel like Hart is a better version of a low usage wing (which is what Okoro is now). Okoro is way younger though.

  2. This season I would say Okoro has played better. Mostly because Hart fell off a cliff offensively

  3. Nobody pay attention to Whyle, he’s my draft crush and I want him in Green Bay next year please and thank you

  4. People are sleeping on his backup Leanord Taylor as well

  5. If you are decent with excel and email then the major banks in town hire starting at $23+ an hour

  6. As wrong as you are about Carter this was funny

  7. As funny as this was you are wrong about Carter. Fun pass rusher with his length and speed but terrible run defender

  8. Emmanuel Forbes is CB1 in this class. Reminds me a lot of Sauce. Both are elite in coverage. Similar frames. Sauce might be a better tackler. I think Forbes is going to be a steal because he might fall to late 1st or early 2nd.

  9. The Last Orellen having such an unreliable author is really disappointing

  10. The hiatus was really long but now they’re updating pretty frequently so I have some confidence that it’ll be finished

  11. Perine has been fantastic for us. Not sure what you are talking about

  12. Giants are #1, could see the Pats, could see the Texans, could see the Chargers, could see the Cowboys, could see the Jags, could see the Chiefs...

  13. Lamar’s confirmed starter for 2023, whether it’s through an extension or the tag he’ll be a raven for at least the next season

  14. He'd be getting a raise to $33m/yr plus the ability to sign for a higher amount after Burrow and Herbert and possibly others. What's not to like for him? It's the way he's been playing it all along, happy to wait for the total price to go up.

  15. If you don't understand why he's not going to do that you haven't been paying attention to the whole contract saga.

  16. I know you love Dax but you didn't drop his grade nearly enough. Not that he's a bad player but it was a bad pick for an organization trying to contend now

  17. Promising is a massive stretch, but y’all still won the trade. Gave up basically nothing for a PF that can score off the bench.

  18. Stretch? Sure. Massive stretch? Not really. That would be calling Nunn promising

  19. I’m a Bills fan in Buffalo - not trying to do an everyone’s against us type of thing, because that absolutely isn’t true. I definitely have noticed a shift in media persons and online commenters being way more anti bills in the past few weeks.

  20. Right. What about anyone who is taken seriously

  21. I don't understand your reasoning behind Kinlaw

  22. I guess I wasn't very specific on him and that is mostly because idk what to say about him. He has 1.5 career sacks, he has only played in 10 games in the last 2 seasons. It is hard to judge someone when they are injured and when they are not injured you don't even notice them. I was hoping a 49ers fan could share how they perceive him since the stats tell one story. At least someone like Derrick Brown may not have the stats but it is easy to spot his impact on the field when you watch him

  23. Ignore my dumbass I got Kinlaw and Greenlaw mixed up

  24. Not really played much (no one knows why), but has been getting more game time the past few games and has looked pretty good.

  25. It's pretty obvious why. Utah has a log jam at guard and they are trying to play the guys that won't be with the team long term to boost their trade value.

  26. Imo, ball is the most underrated hero in all of ow. He’s actually pretty good tbh, he only struggles against hog realistically

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