1. I don’t have any fasting tips but I think you’re doing a great job keeping the Lord front and center even with full-time work. Awesome job!

  2. Got a vasectomy and the wife had her stuff fixed after second child. If we get pregnant now, please welcome the messiah.

  3. And the 79-93 ' 5.0 resto power rack is the lares 16191... Look under 1993 mustang on rock auto if you want to save money on it..

  4. Appreciate it, didn’t wanna spend LMR prices if I could save a buck or two

  5. i had a pair of corbeau targa rs loved them the only issue i had was the reclining mechanism was kinda cheap and broke on me but the feel over stock shiiiiiiiit fit me like a glove i drove better with them because you become one with your ride they use to be 320.00 a pop but i had also looked at the Cobra brand seats

  6. These seats look like ass. Space shuttle? Sure these look the part. Mustang? No way.

  7. Should have 2 bolts one on each side on the far bottom left and far bottom right. How it was on my 85 Vert

  8. High Rock Lake! If you don’t have a boat or kayak there are plenty of locations for bank fishing.

  9. It is not currently listed so it is unlikely

  10. I don’t think the writings of Enoch could have ever been preserved physically. How would it have been passed down to Noah, and then down many more generations? The Book of Enoch only started coming around 500 BC. I think it is possible though that it could have been divinely inspired. Not sure though. If they did it was through divination or scrying. Otherwise I don’t see how it could have been passed down. And yeah if it were around and I didn’t know anything surrounding it, I definitely would have thought it was true also. It’s possible Jesus even read it.

  11. There is nothing to relax about. I'm literally willing to stop breathing air for my faith in Christ. When you start making statements like "that book has prophecy in it" that makes it seem like you are giving credence to the book as having Truth in it. You're treading very dangerous and potentially heretical ground with that. People are easily lead astray. It's just the truth. I say these things as a warning.

  12. Dude chill, it’s just a question and you’re making more of it than it needs to be. I was referring to Jude 1 14-15 having the same quote. This conversation is finished have a nice day!

  13. It’s a new bug that makes riot shield users invincible.

  14. Buddy just enjoy your car. I’ve owned a 4.6 and trust me that’s a bulletproof motor. Doesn’t make power like a Yote. But it’s a good motor and they sound good. If you wanna do swap later down the road then fine do it. No need for anyone’s approval. Go to some car shows and look at s197 Mustangs and get some ideas. Build the car for you, not for others. ✌🏾

  15. Coil overs are just a design... You can get the springs in pretty much any rate you want... Just don't do cheap coil overs most of them are junk designed for looks only..

  16. Junk.. Same kit, don't use any kit that has that design for the rear springs... Its ment for the parking lot crowd.

  17. Can you take a picture from farther away and circle the location? It kind of resembles where the air hose would go from the smog pump to the exhaust due to its size

  18. Sorry for the bad picture. Ended up plugging with a cap and fixed my vacuum leak.

  19. I don’t understand why Christian books and devotionals are almost always gendered. It’s ridiculous. People of different genders should be able to get something out of a book. It’s weird to box one or the other out like that. Regardless of gender we’re all children of God.

  20. What’s wrong with having some books just for Men? With real men issues to help that women can’t relate to. Not being sexist but the way it is

  21. JIS SCREWDRIVER I BELIEVE #3. And place the lug nuts on the studs and to relieve pressure from screws and they should come out after a couple good bangs. And no you don’t need them tbh.

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