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  1. Mordin is a chad. One of my favourite characters, it broke my heart when he died.

  2. What sort of zoo has 4 foot high fences around their lion pens?

  3. I’ve stream it a few times going to do Part 5 tomorrow but for the time being I am admittedly lost. (And hollow)

  4. That fact that it was made by 2 guys and a composer for the music, is insane, it took me like 80 hours to complete the whole thing

  5. I can’t believe that’s true👀😭Holy fucking shit😮‍💨👌🏾I’m currently playing Monster Hunter World grinding gold crowns but I’m dropping this and immediately and platinuming Hollow Knight right now

  6. It would be satisfying if the video wasn’t 3 minutes for a 2 second ending

  7. Almost as if fighting an opponent, emptying their HP, takes time.

  8. DP dough was my favorite calzone place in Ohio.

  9. Here I thought this place was exclusive to Champaign. I didn’t know they were national, I should really try their food someday here on campus

  10. “Hey Jerry don’t worry about it. So what if the most meaningful day of your life was a simulation operating at minimum capacity”

  11. I love a gadgety Spider-Man, so it'll always be mechanical shooters for me.

  12. Honestly I can agree with this. The way Peter made his shooters in TASM and the way they’re in his suit in MCU is sooo cool

  13. The shirai ryu symbol is a scorpion, so…

  14. Which came first: the animal, the clan or the fighter?

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