If you look at my history, you'll know I've never trusted GG, but these are the people that are trying to get rid of him. My mind is changing. "Enemy of my enemy" or something like that, right?

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  1. I would rather have it trade sideways at this price than at $30. I put in my order to buy more today, price won’t stay like this for long.

  2. I know I can support a rule change simply by how Hester reacts to it. She is the worst plant for hedgies ever. Clearly corrupt.

  3. Paul Rust and Michael Cassady had me in tears. Love them boys. Andrea Jin was fantastic and I hope she comes back. Need more story’s of her mom and her endeavors.

  4. Where did this narrative on short ban even come from?! So odd.

  5. Gotta have sitting in church with their Gi’s on. Anything to do with Gabrus’s Dad. A story about him walking around in winter without a coat, and his arm being broken. So many.

  6. Corporations over pay CEO’s and other leadership, firing those who actually do the work, and they rarely put their money where their mouth is.

  7. I’m wondering if they all think (or know) the US will default and the markets are about to crash. Who knows. They still need to buy my booked shares and I’m not sellin!

  8. I totally get this and lately I’ve been think “When is this thing gonna happen?!?” And then I see how the banks are failing, inflation is still bad, and the uncertainty of the economy is always looming. GME is my ark for the flood.

  9. Cohen is a shitposter, and sometimes funny tweets are gonna hit some cords that are very real for a lot of people. I know personally it rubbed me the wrong way. I saw military tents being set up in my town’s hospitals. I know people who died. I was on unemployment. I nearly died from Covid. So when it’s made light of, no matter what his meaning was, it hurts. But I’m here to change the system. A tweet isn’t changing that. Hedge funds HAVE done evil things like defunding cancer research.

  10. Not to mention ol Kenny boy being at the World Cup along with Credit Suisse CEO. I wonder if they were working on their shorts.

  11. Credit Suisse held GameStop swaps. They had ownership by UAE and UAE is shorting.


  13. Every YouTuber has gone through that place trying to make a turd look shiny. No one is buying that place.

  14. I watched this entire thing back when it came out. Nothing happening is shocking. It. Is. Going. To. Get. Worse.

  15. Really surprised they haven't stepped in yet to ban short selling bank stocks like they did in 2008.

  16. They won’t do that until the big banks can’t buy anymore.

  17. So won't the SHF rake in extreme dough with all these bank failures allowing them to can kick GME basically forever and eventually close without real repercussions?

  18. If that was the case, they wouldn’t tell us to sell. They would simply do that.

  19. If I’ve learned anything over the last couple of years in this saga, when it comes to really needing something that would prevent a crisis for these people, they’ll make it happen in a matter of hours. So they’ll be hand wringing for the month, but in the final hours they’ll have a deal done.

  20. Market makers continue to route household investor’s buys off exchange and make the sells on the lit exchange. We need reform or the crime will continue. The entire market is also hurting with bad earnings, so they’re trying to short with pressure from the market at large. The crazy thing is that they used to be able to push it way more, but it now takes them months. Been in this for over 2 years, but gotta keep your head down and keep going! They still talk about us and beg us to sell.

  21. Is it possible even thru IEX Routing? Don’t know which brokers offer this, but IBKR does and so I buy my shares as I terminated the CS GME Plan a few days ago… maybe more apes need to know this!?

  22. My guess is that the short percentage is for IEX orders. They can just spoof order with all IEX orders. The circle of life.

  23. As a child, I thought this was peak cinema. As an adult, I think it is peak cinema on a whole other level. The music is top tier.

  24. I know a lot of people are out on the Front office, but as someone who lived through some terrrrrible FO. I’m giving it one more year, we now know 100% Ball is out. We’ll see what the signings are gonna be like and if we make any trades. This is the toughest spot to be in, and how we navigate could be very telling. Prove yourself Arty!

  25. Yup. This attack on GG has always been a red flag to me. If the SEC was useless, they wouldn’t want to get rid of GG.

  26. Both can be true if its an attempt to get GG to appear to be the good guy. Remember the meme stock ad? Remember the deleting of comments? These guys arent our friends, but it seems they may be useful at the end of the story.

  27. I’ve worked in media and advertising for over 10 years. Government ads run through different departments. I guarantee GG didn’t have much say in that ad. Ad departments rarely deal with higher up’s, they get a budget and make it.

  28. He has this level of humor that just makes me giggle. He is the chaotic energy that I wish I could be.

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