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  1. Yes, here is a DIY tip. Throw the joy cons away and buy a Nintendo Pro Controller. I don't know why everyone keeps complaining about the Joy Cons and then wanting a fix for them. Just throw them away, Nintendo doesn't care to fix the problem, don't buy the Joy Cons anymore and use a pro controller. I promise you will never go back once you do.

  2. You just use the kick stand and your wireless pro controller will still connect wirelessly in handheld mode.

  3. Yeah be prepared to realize you can’t run but don’t bring it up to any fans of this game as they will argue that u are running. Trust me you are not running and can’t run in the game. Just because your character does the motions but u don’t actually travel across the map as running then u are not running.

  4. If your not home and you just leave the bowl of candy out then you deserve this. Why so many people posting this today, I don’t feel sorry for you. It’s like leaving the keys in started car that’s unlocked with a sign that says only drive it once around the block then shocked the car got stolen….

  5. See that gold smudge on the cover? Pretty recognizable signature. Randy Jackson from American Idol. Original owner probably bumped into him and all they had on them was a copy of Resident Evil 6 and you're not not going to get Randy Jackson's autograph.

  6. 14 other people sided with this clown and believe the police would right a lawsuit against you!!??? Where do u live in crazy town? Lol I hope they try to take your plant so u can then press charges against them all for theft and conspiracy.

  7. That's what pisses me off the most. If they had originally put on there that it would be 6+ months to ship, ok I understand. Shame on me I suppose to fall for it given their shipping timeline history, but the over promise and under deliver of this is upsetting when they said they were targeting late July/early August to ship originally. For someone to stroll by and pick it up at Walmart, Target, GameStop, etc. and get it in store, not pay shipping so it ends up being cheaper? Ticks me off.

  8. Same here man I’m in same boat. They are going to regret it come next big title and limited run needs the preorder money to manufacture. Well they won’t get my preorder money cause I will wait to see if it hits Best Buy, GameStop, Walmart or target and if not then I will wait until someone actually has it on eBay in hand and just pay a little more. Limited run will be crying when they loose out on all that preorder money as I’m sure we are not the only ones pissed about this.

  9. My husband and I always clean up after our kids. I’ve never been told not to 🤔

  10. I don’t ever remember being told not to clean up. Maybe the places we go prefer we do it 😂

  11. Stop eating at crappy restaurants then. You’re the customer with the money. They are there to serve you, cook for you, and pick up after you. It’s literally in their job description.

  12. I’m so sorry for you because you won’t be able to play Activision, Blizzard, or Bethesda games. All your stuck with now is Spider-Man and crappy dark soul like games. Sorry bro truly. We’ll think about u on call of duty and Halo.

  13. Terrible idea for me because I can’t read Japanese or understand the Japanese language spoken to me.

  14. You have no idea. I used to collect sealed games and used games to play. Now I buy all my games used and I sold my sealed collection. I only buy games I will play and if they rocked I don’t trade them in. The only games I’m planning on buying next is Zelda Tears of the Kingdom out May next year and Starfield out Q1 next year. That’s it because I can’t afford to spend money and get burned on a crappy game. Don’t buy every limited run title thinking it’s worth a lot in future, u will be sadly disappointed in the future. Only buy the ones you love and NEVER pre order from limited run. Buy them 2nd hand at retail, eBay, etc.

  15. I display mine always hooked up to 75 inch wall mounted 4K smart tv so I can play any console at any time without having to take it off the shelf and hook it up. I own 6 consoles so far.

  16. No I max out the HDMI ports on the tv. If I need one plugged in that’s not I just switch the HDMI cord from the back of system to the next the system. They are nicely lined up and takes very little effort to switch them. They all are always plugged in for power and controllers are always ready to do. Just get up put your game in and move the hdmi cord from the back to the next as there is plenty of slack. Done.

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