1. Am I the only one who still doesn't see why Halle Berry is a Gamine?

  2. Same! I don’t see petite? Isn’t she taller than 5’4?

  3. You might want to look through the two families again from sources outside Reddit before coming to any conclusions. There are a few misconceptions (hey, we've all been there) that might be confusing you more than necessary. Worth noting that SN might be an option for you as well. But as someone who's cycled between all the yang types, I'll try to share what helped me. Lengthy but hopefully helpful...

  4. You explained this so well thank you so much!!!

  5. I would look at Zoe Kravitz for outfit inspiration (High Fidelity might work)! I think she typically plays with lines (some cropped pieces plus longer outerwear) and uses fabric/colors to create contrast.

  6. If you check out Lisa Bonet and Zoe Kravitz... like this:

  7. This is SO CUTE!! I’m a SN and want to embrace more of a boho vibe this summer and your look has totally inspired me!

  8. i would say yes, i personally find these babydoll dresses really flattering on me. i have found that i don't need waist definition at my actual waist so these dresses suit me just fine. i'm a bit busty and i've found these dresses actually make me look slimmer. they're nice for going out for dinner too because you have plenty of room for food. and they're very cooling in the summer! it's partially personal preference though.

  9. Thanks! I might just order it and if it doesn’t suit me I can always return it 😊

  10. I think she would be considered a FN because her height gives her a prominent vertical

  11. Wooo!! First off it depends on who is grading your video, some ppl tend to be a little stricter. It also is done in a rubric style so if everything else is good that may not effect your score enough to fail.

  12. Thanks! Fingers crossed I don’t get someone super strict 😂🤞

  13. First off CONGRATULATIONS. TOV process is sooo hard. My first TOV recording my LT said it was good but she knew it could be better, I was so defeated. My first one was like 57 min. Sometimes getting the jitters out helps. I completed my second recorded TOV a week later and passed in April. I think you should be fine. They will just tell you to be mindful on your timing. They’re really focused on the structure of the class. Like someone said above, even if you don’t pass, it’s not the end of the world. You will have three areas of opportunity and you can drill in on that to make take 2 that much better!! You got this!

  14. Thanks so much for your advice!!! This made me feel a lot better 😊

  15. Yes! Depends on what you’re doing, semi foldover, straight leg, either if you’re facing the barre, shift all of your weight out of that standing leg and into the arm of the working side. So, if you’re working the right leg, box out that right arm and shift all your weight there. If your are standing profile to the barre, wrap the working side arm around your waist and pull off the barre,

  16. You can try to flex that knee a bit to help with blood flow.

  17. I have this problem too but not every class. I find that when it happens it is mostly due to me not contracting my abs to do the work! When I refocus and make the movement that ribs to pelvis (crunch) like movement, my hip flexors feel better.

  18. Thanks for the info!! I’ll try that tonight and talk to my teacher!

  19. I have really tight/weak hip flexors so this happens to me every time! I flex my feet and don’t go as far back, and really focus on the core muscles every time I move to make sure I’m activating them. I also keep my legs separated rather than pressing together if that is the cue being given.

  20. Thanks, I’ll try that next class!! I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who struggles with this!

  21. This is so cute, but I think SNs would need a little bit of waist emphasis. Doing a French tuck with the sweater would help a lot! Also using a sweater that has more of an open neck could help too

  22. Hi! I’m pretty new to this but I think this look works really well for SNs. It gives loose waist definition, it looks constructed, and there’s a slight imbalance to it which works really well for SNs!

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