1. What's the diff between Multiverse and Page Punchers ... the comic? Just wondering why there's a separate line for these.

  2. Yeah the only difference is that Page Punchers come with a comic (at cost) and the designs are (usually) based on the comic they come with.

  3. Page punchers proportions are sometimes a little bit aligned with dc direct figures. Or are a tad bit shorter than multiverse figures. We are talking millimeters here, that only if you are being extra picky will you notice. Either way I recommend getting heatwave and captain cold if anyone from this set.

  4. Personally Snart is the only other one I'm grabbing for this set, just looking for that Metallic version

  5. Surpsingly, yes! Though. Truck mode isn't the best. But surprisingly it retains all functionality!!

  6. It is definitely impressive for a first ever custom! And the design is super cool too. I might just suggest a few more coats of paint, painting over black is never easy but a couple more coats and that Spider symbol might not come through as much.

  7. Honestly depends what you're after. I like me a rough looking Ironhide that looks mean and like he's already gone through a heck of a lot of battles. So naturally the Siege is the one for me.

  8. Marvel Legends Kate Bishop and Hawkeye (That's obvious) while the bows are from DC Icons (Maybe Wave 1?) Green Arrow, and the Marvel Legends Old Man Hawkeye figures respectively.

  9. From an OLD figure, it's from the DC icons wave 1 (I believe) Green Arrow.

  10. I REALLY wish it funded. I wanted it so bad, such an amazing set.

  11. I think it's just cause everyone is just so tired. A lot of the criticisms are the same and everyone shares it, but it gets annoying when everyone says it like it's the first time we're hearing it.

  12. I love the Stunticons. I feel like Motormaster just sticks the cars onto him so he can have a buffer for damage and just that idea makes me love him for just being the absolute worst 💀😂

  13. Thank you. I did get Swoop in the lot. That’s been bugging me for a while. I can’t thank you enough.

  14. And fun fact. You can use the sword as a tail for Swoop's Dino mode!

  15. Honestly I love the neck length, it gives him such great range and doesn't even look bad vanilla imo.

  16. The paint apps look great, really hoping they do a single release for Mephisto or a 2 pack with an updated Black Heart.

  17. If he doesn't reach the goal they may do him later, but if it does make 12,000 I don't think we'll see him again

  18. Yeah I agree with that, I'm still up in the air on backing it... The price is a killer and I'm a big Ghost Rider fan

  19. Yeah it's definitely too much. But when I look at other figures around the $350 price range, I like this guy best. Cause I actually want everything he comes with

  20. I wanna say Alternator Ultra Magnus but I know it's not that 💀

  21. Woah. Legit just threw that out cause of the head. W!

  22. I don't think you'll have to worry. Lot of those are classic X-Men characters. Usually bread and butter

  23. I've gotta be honest. I'd love to see some more modern renditions. This list shows how it's mainly nostalgia driven. Which I do love, but the new stuff is just as good

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