1. Functionally, I don’t think anything changed for everyday use.

  2. Look in Scriptable settings → Notifications. You should be able to delete the daily trigger from there.

  3. Your code looks correct to me, except the part where you’re calling hello() in the export. (I assume you want to export the function, not its return value.) You can just do

  4. Please refrain from generating guides, discussions, or answers using ChatGPT. The entire article, and by extension this post, is full of wrong information that helps nobody because the actions that the language model thinks you can use do not actually exist. ChatGPT is pretty consistently wrong when dealing with Shortcuts, and this subreddit’s quality of information will not be dragged down by ChatGPT’s confident ignorance.

  5. This doesn’t work for me. It fails and shows some matrix page full of code

  6. Showing up on the Watch used to be the default behavior for shortcuts, so if people didn’t explicitly turn it off, then users will have the shortcut show up on their Watch even if the shortcut isn’t designed to run on it. These days that default behavior appears to have been reversed, but a lot of popular shortcuts on RoutineHub predate that change.

  7. True, most of them are like iOS 14. Think the OS has advanced so much those devs find Shortcuts less popular or useful?

  8. I think there are a few reasons at play here. One is probably the end of the pandemic leading to users having more things to do in real life, so people have less free time. Another is probably much like you said: changes in Shortcuts have made the app less enticing for the kind of deep exploration and boundary-pushing that it received from users back around iOS 13/14. Many of the developers of popular shortcuts like you’re finding on RoutineHub moved on to greener pastures in programming, leaving Shortcuts for more practical everyday applications. I personally still use Shortcuts every day, but more for simple things and as glue between apps rather than complex tasks.

  9. It's possible that the actions available in the Shortcuts app depend on your region or language settings. Alternatively, it could be a bug or an issue with your device. In any case, here's an alternative approach that you can try to detect non-text content in Notes using only the actions available in your version of the Shortcuts app:

  10. Are you generating your answers with ChatGPT? If so, then please don’t. ChatGPT is consistently wrong more often than it is right when dealing with Shortcuts, since the descriptions are entirely in natural language and ChatGPT doesn’t do as well with that format as it might for a text-based language like JavaScript. As a result, it produces walls of unhelpful text that waste people’s time trying to implement what it describes as it fumbles toward a mediocre solution.

  11. If I add a leading slash after the URL scheme to private (so that the URL is shareddocuments:///private/var/mobile/Library/Mobile%20Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/Desktop with three slashes in succession), then it opens the folder fine for me on iOS 16.4.

  12. The Lock Screen action was introduced in iOS 16.4. Which iOS version are you using?

  13. If you’re running a shortcut outside of the Shortcuts app (from Siri, a widget, the Home Screen, etc.), then the action opens the Shortcuts app and transfers execution of the shortcut to the app. If the shortcut is already running in the app, then the action does nothing.

  14. Settings → Shortcuts → Advanced → Allow Sharing Large Amounts of Data

  15. You could have the other person create their own bot account and develop the bot with that, then just replace their bot token with yours and make sure the code works as expected.

  16. Use the “Calculate Statistics” action to find the sum of the file sizes of the songs in the playlist. Then you can use Format File Size if needed to produce a more readable result. Like this:

  17. Why on Earth should they? Maybe they don’t speak English does that mean they shouldn’t ask for/get any help? There are people who post here from around the world that are willing to help.

  18. I put a Google Translate translation under the other post OP made (same question, different flair). OP got a solution from another German-speaking user, but in general any information in non-English posts is useless to the majority of users here unless a translation is provided.

  19. English translation for everyone like me who doesn’t speak German (via Google Translate, any mistakes are the machine’s doing):

  20. Find Notes works fine for me on iOS 16.3.1. This sounds like the kind of problem that could be resolved by either rebooting or updating iOS, or reinstalling Shortcuts and/or Notes.

  21. Use “Find Reminders” to grab the reminder with filters.

  22. Use the “Get File from Folder” action to read a file from your shortcut.

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