nobody seems to upvote a cake joke on cakeday anymore

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  1. 3,141592653589795212239243383279502884197169399...that's all I learnt

  2. Wow this is my new favorite. Definitely getting Spaceman by Electric Callboy vibes

  3. Ik was mn punten vergeten in te zetten in de app en de tijd is al om ...

  4. I wonder who will have the biggest increase. Maybe Enzo Fernandez?

  5. Sorry for not understanding, but if there is a CP cap of 2500 per say, why would a 2499 0/15/15 be better than a 2499 15/15/15? If it increases the CP, why would it matter if there’s a cap on it?

  6. The 0/15/15 would be a higher level, making the overall Pokemon stronger due to the points being added when leveling up

  7. add “>” (w/out the quotation marks) before the quote

  8. isn't there no stream from London, we have to wait for LA for codes?

  9. You have to do it manually now? I remember when they were automatic. When did this change?

  10. This isnt really late, they always release it ~24h before the first timezone starts

  11. Should this be working with a Go-tcha? if yes, it isnt working for me with a Huawei p30 lite

  12. feels like you could do those throwing tasks anywhere on anything but maybe i’m just tired

  13. When you have three pokestops, you only have 3 total chances to get inkay

  14. Was my last post deleted? If so I’ll delete this One.

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