Death penalty - what are your thoughts about it?

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  1. She can be SD as there are no upper height limits. I don’t think she is in the gamine or romantic family as she seems to have a lot of vertical and I don’t see any petiteness that gamine and romantic families have. You can be short and still have vertical.

  2. I liked the TR and SD looks on you, but your height puts you out of the TR range so I would suggest looking into SD

  3. Wait…. do I have the sword or does the orangutan have the sword?? But anyways, I choose the chicken because, once I master the technique, free food and/or money.

  4. I’m further convinced that most Rs would be typed as SN on this sub. They’re both so similar

  5. Also the fact that often in photos, you seem wider than you are, so a lot of Rs end up getting types as SNs because people see width

  6. No, that’s just your preference, as long as you don’t put down other women who don’t fit those standards, there isn’t a problem

  7. What size do you wear? If you weigh 120 you should fit comfortably in size 2. Your measurements correspond to size 8.

  8. Though often size 8 does tend to be a bit loose in some areas so I do have to make a fix for that

  9. I feel that a death penalty for a single crime shouldn’t be a thing, because of the fact that an innocent could easily be killed, but if a person is proven to be a danger, that’s when it should be considered.

  10. I was the "smart" kid.... I'm studying a pointless major (which I like though), have been awarded 3 different disorders by 3 different psychiatrists, and my current best plan to make money in life is to busk on my uncles guitar.

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