Woodward RS-11

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  1. There are 2 versions. #1 is okay but #2 is fire. The lemon and honey stand out and the high is fantastic 👌

  2. I'm a big fan of their ICC, lemon cherry gelato. This shit is fire 🔥

  3. I'd give it an 8 out of 10. Still think their ICC & Lemon Cherry Gelato are better

  4. I have the Zelato in concentrate. It’s pretty decent. Not my favorite of theirs but it’s not due to potency, flavor, or anything like that. Just not the strain for me. If you’re looking for genetics and Zelato is something you’re looking for, I’d say give that flower a shot. This lemon cherry gelato that I have (flower) from them doesn’t have that weird background taste. It’s the first time in almost 5 months this is the case for me. I’m cautiously optimistic because I’m not ready to be hurt again 🤣

  5. The lemon cherry flower is so good. They have 2 more flower drops next week. They sunset Rntz sounds delicious

  6. 3 beans in the 8.49g ICC. Found 1 inside the newest Lemon Cherry Gelato 2.83g

  7. With a new album, there will be a fall tour, but there will not be an announcement until late july/August

  8. I've stayed away from most of the new klutch drops. They absolutely crushed it with this one. Smells like jealousy and ICC.

  9. Not worth it. Barely any taste or smell, dry effects are light.

  10. Exactly, I was expecting more. It has little smell (earth) and just wasn't worth it 😕

  11. It used to be fire. Nice and gassy. Last few batches we're not good. Hopefully it's gotten back to it's original glory

  12. Very strong, no standout skunk flavor or smell… it’s been so long that I had an actual skunk that I forget what effects are meant to be achieved, but this is very focus oriented and has that headband feel.

  13. 😂🤣 I swear half the accounts on here promoting products are people from the companies of the products they’re promoting.

  14. I totally agree. It smells like earth. 0 cheese or blueberry taste

  15. I heart Mary Jane website will show you all ohio dispensaries inventory

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