1. I just know I’ll be seeing you on the news one day

  2. That’s what you get for ordering whatever THAT is

  3. That’s odd I was able to add about $30 more one time without even calling for support

  4. Again… why you mfs gotta drive around like that. Lol I bet they also complain about the graffiti in “urban” neighborhoods

  5. Repzion is just jealous of Ethan’s hairline must be hard to go bald in your 20s

  6. What am I supposed to know before messing with her kids though?

  7. That she’s not a regular girl she’s a diesel truck kinda girl

  8. Why are conservatives so vile I’ve seen so many trucks with similar sayings. Like dude it’s your truck, YOU have to drive around like that

  9. Moshee was probably feeling feisty over having to sit in economy

  10. Let’s just agree to mass downvote all boyfriend/friend/family texts about h3 it’s the only way to discourage these ppl

  11. Imagine worrying more about the color of their skin instead of the actual storyline

  12. It’s literally that one South Park episode douche vs turd sandwich

  13. Just look at our map (Illinois) all red except Chicago! Lol but we’re a blue state. Population matters

  14. I tried looking him up as well and it doesn’t seem like he is registered at all. At least not at their current address.

  15. You gotta be a citizen to vote. How tf do y’all not know that

  16. I’m aware, genius. But I don’t know what Moses’ immigration status is. Relax.

  17. Trisha & Ethan joked about Trish marrying Moses for his green so he’s probably on a visa. Even if they got married more than a year ago there’s no way he’s already a citizen. He has to be a resident first before even applying. And no residents cannot vote either

  18. You must be new then. Cuz they’ve definitely talked about her before

  19. This is so fucked up on so many levels. I thought she had changed all her documents already? I remember her talking about it on a video

  20. She seems bore maybe she should take her baby out on a walk maybe in one of her many strollers

  21. It’s called evolution how dare you question it lol

  22. Where can I watch the new ep I have only been able to find 1-3

  23. My dad taught me how to drive in his work van, so even now I don’t use the mirror

  24. Don’t even bother with that little rat. His views are down. Why do you think he’s so desperately doing frenemies videos. It’s cuz he wants to relive the glory days. It’s not a coincidence that all his vlog style videos have the lowest views… Adam nobody cares about you. All we gotta do is ignore and the irrelevant rat will take himself out

  25. My 23 year old GF looks 9, rip me I guess

  26. Thank you for bringing me here, I was clearly in the wrong sub

  27. Lmao I was gonna tell her a snicker wrapper is what Lena used the day Trisha was conceived but I got blocked

  28. Remember when his sister blamed Trisha for him getting suspended? That aged horrifically

  29. Remember when she did incest porn with her sister? We do

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