1. I heard the balloons are back this year. Can't remember where.

  2. "What podcast" ... I looked and can't find what this might be. Is it under another name?

  3. Literally called “The What Podcast” I know it’s on Spotify, Youtube and Apples Podcast app

  4. Did you get an email with the order #? I’m having the same issue when I sign in it says no order found, but it comes up if I do manage order (must be signed out for this option to appear), and put in my order number and account info

  5. I find if I sign out and back in my ticket shows up, why idk but it works.

  6. You should definitely get there Wednesday!! For lots of reasons including the shorter walk.

  7. I've never used a locker personally I find everything I need I can easily fit in my hydration pack and fanny pack. If you don't buy a locker ahead of time and Thursday you think a locker would be nice you can buy one while there.

  8. Island Noodle's, Spicy Pie and try out some things in the Plaza I'm camped at.

  9. No Amish Donuts. They stopped doing festivals.

  10. Mine wasn’t rejected at the gate this year but I could not for the life of me get my new bladder open and I was minutes from passing out in centeroo…never again will I risk not having or being able to is my hydration pack

  11. I posted this after digging my old one out, my last festival was 2018. I’ve identified…14? zippers, pockets, pouches, straps, buckles, and useless fucking weight. Not even including the bladder!

  12. I used a cheap hydration pack my first 5 years of festivaling and it served me well…but finally upgrading this year.

  13. The best camping experience (IMO) is sleeping under your EZ-up. Bring sheets to zip tie for walls.

  14. While I love an ez up I always bring a tent just in case of overnight rain

  15. I'm an older millennial, so I'm going to suggest a lot of bands from my youth. I'm arbitrarily considering any artist with a debut album at least 25 years old to be "legacy." None of these are headliners, but I think would be fun additions to the mid bill.

  16. how many people should be on one campsite? Im going with at least 5 coworkers but it could grow to be 8+ how many campsites should we split?

  17. Personally team 3 people per campsite, gives enough room without feeling overcrowded

  18. I bought a moon colony camping pass, on the bonnaroo website it says “allows Wednesday entry”, but on the receipt for the purchase the dates are listed as Thursday-Sunday. I know I’m probably over-analyzing but my anxiety is making me nervous about that difference. Is there something else to purchase? Or that should allow us Wednesday entry no problem, right?

  19. No problem, there's a lot of people who leave camping in Outeroo Sunday....I will say if you are leaving Sunday night to avoid traffic you'll probably find yourself in worse traffic Sunday.

  20. Ooo I've also been looking at Warrior Within Designs for this year, they have some cute pieces! Thinkin about a short cinched dress with a hood to jam in on Sunday 💃

  21. Like other's have said it hard to say but Roo Instagram usually gives a warning

  22. Wait no single pocket drawstring bags? This is like the most common bag I use at fests & def used one in 2019 - is this a new addition or did I just get lucky in 2019?

  23. I think you got lucky 🍀 It’s a very common Festival bag rule (the logic who f-ing knows)

  24. I just pretended I'm back to nothing and put in my amazon chart what I'd want for 2 people at a camping fest and my total came out to $650

  25. Trust there are plenty of people 20, 35, 60 not drinking and still the best time in the world.

  26. I was stressing out about the ticket saying Thursday entry too -despite knowing online it says Wednesday entry somewhere- so I messaged customer service to reassure myself, the person deadass replied stating that no entry would be allowed until the festival starts on Thursday. Lol think they need some people that know what’s up to be answering questions

  27. When you click on each ticket type if will specify what day you can enter onward:

  28. 100% what people said above but also if you do want to go for the space theme you definitely won’t be alone there

  29. On storage sometimes I hear people talk about lack of storage and that’s dependent on what you are coming from…if you’ve used an Osprey or a medium/large Camelbak it won’t feel like a lot but if you are coming from a “festival/rave” hydration pack it will feel like a game changing amount of storage.

  30. We're gonna do that and the campground DJ party again! Maybe a little more too, not entirely sure yet.

  31. I'd also add knowing Roo people there will be plenty of unofficial events put together especially this year after getting the first Tuesday entry under our belts

  32. There are shuttles but those are for people staying at a Hotel and single day entry and my understanding is getting an uber/lyft is nearly impossible. My suggestion for things like an inhaler is to bring an extra and leave it with Medical.

  33. 4) Interesting - I thought I read that spraypaint was allowed, but now I'm seeing mixed reviews on that. I think that people are saying that outside of Centeroo it's fine, but not inside.

  34. If anything a pride flag of any kind will make it more likely people will just stop to say hello

  35. They cancel the ticket and you are refunded what you paid in minus $50

  36. hey all! this will be my second year going to roo, i only got a small taste last year because it was very last minute and i couldn’t take the entire days of work off for it. this year id really like to experience it all and that includes camping! however, my friend im going with doesn’t want to (we live about an hour from the festival). it’s just not appealing to her and she’s scared. any advice or other options to finding people to camp with? i would just be nervous to camp alone or with strangers, especially being a girl lmao.

  37. There is a chance it will sell out but that probably would be the very last thing to sell out. However, specific days like Wednesday entry could sell out before the others, that happened in 2021.

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