1. Die alte Gruppe war sehr bunt. Außer dass wir alle Sklaverei scheiße fanden, hatten wir erstmal nicht so viel gemeinsam.

  2. When hitchhiking in New Zealand, me and my buddy got stranded in the middle of nowhere with an erratic one-eyed man, whose backpack contained very little else than Crystal Meth and a claw hammer.

  3. He'd have to do it all at once somehow, because you can bet as soon as a few of his enemies die mysterious deaths or suffer mysterious disappearances, some members of the Justice League are going to be asking questions.

  4. And the JL is just who he'd need to worry about in terms of being clearly overpowered. Apart from Red Hood, every member of the Bat family would turn on him. Is he going to off Nightwing as well? Because that'll be the only way to stop Dick from going after a murderous Bruce.

  5. If you can get vaporized by changes to the timeline, you can surely have your mind altered.

  6. Marty was close to having his existence completely erased in the first movie, but retained the memories of his pre time travel life throughout all movies. That seems to indicate the contrary to what you are saying.

  7. Going to need some evidence that he explicitly retained his memories of his pre-time-travel life throughout all the events we know about. I don't recall him talking about his dad never standing up to Biff, etc, when he and Doc were tooling around in 1885. Heck, I don't recall any indication that he thought about once having a smashed-up coup shared by the whole family instead of his own black pickup truck, after he got back from 1885, for that matter

  8. No, I don't need to disprove something we see zero evidence of what would be a major plot point due to its existential implications. Especially when we talk about needing to prove Marty retaining the memories of your choosing.

  9. A lot of Spidey villains got there due to being extremely gifted scientists in their field, dabbling in the deep end of their field's applied research section. Similar for Reed Richards. Many Silver Age Heroes derive their power directly from their scientific prowess.

  10. Closest I can think is the

  11. Batman TAS "Joker's Favor"

  12. Is that the one where he black mails that one chump, who then unchumps himself and then the joker begs batman to help him?

  13. That. The dude is a complete NPC accountant dork and once he finds his balls, he really intimidates the shit out of Joker.

  14. A bunch of Monty Python jokes are referential to a point where you'd have no fucking clue what they are talking about or even that a joke was made.

  15. In that cartoony scene where the scribe messes up his page because of some outside disturbance.

  16. Don't forget that V's beef with his government is deeply personal, not just philosophical. He is a monster created from the very machinery he wants to destroy and has the decency to kill himself once it is done, because he can't possibly create something positive, as He is saying himself in his "toast to the bombers".

  17. When you argue in your relationship, acknowledge how the other person feels before you start with your view and/or rational argument.

  18. Isn't this what they are doing?

  19. These companies usually have something about the ownership of your genetic information being passed on to them in their Terms and Conditions.

  20. Edit: I have misunderstood the spirit of the question, suggesting our timeline is the dark timeline.

  21. Paul Giamatti - I haven't seen his names in the comments yet.

  22. Underwhelming as Blofeld but other than that I agree

  23. Yeah, but that movie was garbage anyway. That whole reveal scene of who he is and why he's doing what he's doing was so fucking stupid, nobody could have sold that.

  24. Applying "should" to personal and inconsequential sensibilities like "funny or not" is so fucking retarded.

  25. In some iterations, she was a very sheltered, uptight and repressed person.

  26. It was held in very high regard for a long time and now that some aspects of it haven't aged well, people are starting to turn on it. Welcome to the natural cycle of pop culture discourse.

  27. I mean, no. That leans far too much into the direction of a massive blockbuster project done out of pure spite.

  28. College dropout, Late registration, 808's Yeezus, MBDTF, and The Life of Pablo are all legitimately good albums with lots of great songs. College dropout could make it on a "Top 10 hip hop albums of all time" list.

  29. Again: I'm asking people to explain to me what they see in him musically. Just saying it's good tells me nothing.

  30. The production is really well done, if we made a list of best hip hop beats Kanye would be all over it.

  31. Versatility is a good quality in a musician.

  32. Deutschland ist grundsätzlich eine sehr protestfaule Kultur und schon immer gewesen. Mit Solidarität haben wir es auch nicht gerade.

  33. Given the necessary materials, he can learn how to be a legendary master without equal in the land in any given craft like smithing, alchemy or whatever in about a day. I'd say that's pretty intelligent.

  34. As someone who has been on both sides of that fence: you just feel so much more uncomfortable in general. I'm not even talking about the social aspect, but the base feeling of inhabiting and moving around in your body.

  35. Lanky? Otherwise they don't have much in common, imo.

  36. KAH - klingt einfach als wäret ihr in der Sache an einem anderen Punkt. Nur weil es ihr "an nichts fehlt' bedeutet das nicht, dass das für sie jetzt kein richtiger und wichtiger Schritt ist. Umgekehrt ist dir laut deiner Schilderung auch kein Vorwurf zu machen, dass er das nicht ist. Soll sie halt erstmal alleine in eine kleine Wohnung, WG oder in ein Studentenwohnheim ziehen.

  37. Power Level discussions miss the point of what's good about any character.

  38. Yes. It's actually one of the central Bat stories that could benefit from a few changes and updates.

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