1. Highly likely that hes going to get banned in a ban wave and hes already doomed.

  2. Personal opinion here, if someone will reject you just because they'd have to take it slow with you in the beginning then that person is not for you in general.

  3. Yes, you can drag the camera with the mouse or have it follow your selected character. It is point and click for movement. WASD is just helpful to see what's coming up slightly or get a better look at the map.

  4. thats perfect thank you!

  5. They're just shooting at unarmed people running away? What the fuck.

  6. If only life was that easy attack someone then drop your weapon and expect 0 repercussions because you’re unarmed now 💀

  7. The police department personally escort your package to your house sounds like a good deal to me

  8. I acknowledge and accept these guidelines

  9. Probably the weakest season in my opinion but that last episode was amazing

  10. this happened to me like a week ago, I contacted support telling them basically that I never cheated and to relook my ban. They responded within like 12 hours basically saying they're sorry for the false flag and gave me 2500 & unbanned me.

  11. I made a shit ton of accounts and completely forgot to cancel the subscriptions. 4 months later im down like 400$ but atleast i got minecraft accs

  12. Palestinans live in israel so the fact this one was targeted out of everyone else makes me think theres context thats being hidden to portray israel as the villian as always.

  13. This is definitely the only time Israel has targeted a Palestinian.

  14. "Targeted" still no context behind the clip. People don't just attack other people randomly in Israel. Can't say the same about palestinans attacking israelis though.

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