1. Hes one of the few streamers i could actually see being capable of atleast the first 2 considering he has a pretty standard streaming schedule and is always dealing with other people. the 3rd one is like a macho man brag or something. Most people wouldnt last on an oilfield. its a fucking shit job

  2. I wouldn’t necessarily call it a shit job, the pay is usually really great, it’s just physically exhausting and bad work life balance.

  3. Destiny with a good take, that’s something I thought I’d never see

  4. He has lots of good takes, the problem is once in a while he says something so insanely wrong that it makes you question whether he’s even a functioning human in society

  5. I've seen some places now have straws made of thick paper (instead of plastic). I'd think that would at least be better than a strawless sippy cup (which could have the risk of small spillage if you're in a car).

  6. I’ve used both and the sippy cups are way better. Paper straws get all mushy and fucked up if you leave them in a drink for more than a few minutes

  7. Figured. I bottom out all the time on my civic idk how ppl do it w cars like that

  8. Kinda depends on where you live, some places the roads are flat enough that it’s not really much of an issue

  9. As others have said, the mandoline part is useful for paper-thin slicing, but for the love of God, always use the hand guard.

  10. The hand guards are terrible. If anything, a cut proof glove is far better imo

  11. Soda was adin Ross and xqc mixed together for like 4 years and made his career off it then mellowed out and stagnated with a huge audience. He hasn’t exactly grown, but his stream is big enough that he doesn’t need to

  12. I think they would much prefer the light racism from bruce instead of literal rape from the co founder lol

  13. Downvoted for the truth. Did everyone forget about the rich shit already? He still hasn’t even denied anything

  14. I’ve only been to Fenway and Dodger Stadium so I don’t have much to compare it to, but I feel like people are being a bit dramatic in this thread. The parking is awful and the food is bland but it’s not THAT bad.

  15. It’s not offensively bad like Oakland or Tampa, there’s just nothing special about it. Super middling park. The shitty parking nightmare is what pushes it to bottom tier

  16. Tbh, based on the stories about him, I'd pay a lot of money just to watch him pitch that last game at 59 in 1965. Not a single run earned in 3 innings. At 59. Against the Boston Red Sox.

  17. I think only liability insurance for your car is what you’re “forced to buy” and even then you don’t have to own a car. Also liability in itself is a few hundred bucks a year at most.

  18. People don't just put money in bank accounts. Investments and such are where most rich people's money lie. Having 100k just sitting in your bank account is still insane.

  19. 401k and Roth IRA first and foremost, then Index funds (SPY is generally the go to advice) and beyond that whatever you want really. Stocks, real estate, etc. anything that gets you an average annual return better than the dogshit fraction of 1% returns on savings accounts that can’t even keep up to inflation

  20. Funny enough, in areas with heavy cartel presence, it is quite safe to be a tourist, bc the cartels launder their money into resorts etc, and would make less if someone scared the tourists away

  21. Nevermind the laundering, just the revenue that comes in from tourists in general is worth keeping them out of harms way

  22. Pka and Pkn combined make about 3,000 hours assuming every Pka from the beginning has been 4 hours so that's a generous estimate. What math are you doing?

  23. I have a iPhone camera and it’s still better. They’re just not trying at all.

  24. Phone cameras are actually really good these days, there’s really no excuse for bad camera quality in 2023. Everyone has a great camera in their pocket.

  25. FWIW MLB said the 2003 anonymous tests (the one where A-Rod AND Ortiz tested positive) could have been the result of legal over-the-counter substances.

  26. can't blame them really. yankees fans probably hate ortiz as much as I hate arod. I'd take the headline and fucking run with it forever lol.

  27. It’s not just Yankees fans hating him that leads to all the suspicion, it’s the fact he was a mediocre at best AAAA player for 6 years with the twins before suddenly becoming an elite power hitter out of nowhere.

  28. Not as much as you might think. This is properly called potato pave, not "15-hour potatoes". The way you make them is you slice potatoes, then layer them in a loaf pan, then bake those, chill them, slice it, and then fry those slices. The loaf pan provides a lot of the shape. You can't use the whole potato loaf, but you can use most of it.

  29. New York sports “fans” should just be banned from sharing opinions online…. Almost all the trade proposals are so deluded that they really need to seek help.

  30. Mets fans aren’t usually that bad. Yankees fans are on a different level. “Frazier and andujar” have been proposed as the package for every good player on the planet

  31. We are losing money on our “premium” cards at work. The cost to maintain rewards programs, actually stamp real metal cards and issue those with no added cost, and differing purchase patterns between rich and poor credit card holders. Actually, our regular person and poor person card lines are super profitable, even with losses.

  32. I use Apple Pay every time I get gas, and any time I’m checking out at a store that allows it. Whipping out my phone is faster than pulling a credit card out of my wallet

  33. It’s easily soda when he’s actually trying, but he just phones it in half the time

  34. seems pretty disingenuous to say he's a nobody. even if you don't watch him, and I don't either, but almost everyone who is a decently long time twitch viewer knows zherka.

  35. Only because he was always on Rajj back in the day. His own stream was never all that successful

  36. Zerkaa as well. OG of the YouTube and CoD scene. The founder of Killer Cams hence known as the actual founder of FaZe Clan since they started with Killer Cams. Founder of The Sidemen as well, biggest YT group in the world.

  37. Lol what? Zerkaa was not the founder of faze. I remember his quickscoping stuff from that same time period, but faze was definitely founded by like housecat and temperr and them

  38. 3 min is massive in speed runs. Not saying he won’t get there though.

  39. 3 extra minutes is huge, but it’s within close striking distance of top 100 which is pretty high level for a major category of the most popular speedrunning game

  40. Dont Partners have to stream a certain amount of hours? Or is that only for specific contracts?

  41. It’s part of the process of becoming partner in the first place, but you don’t need to continue streaming to keep partner status

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