1. If you have a Switch and your accounts are linked, you can still add money to your account that way and buy 3DS games until the 3DS eShop shuts down in March.

  2. Yes, in the Japanese version of the game, she lived in the US. Since the localizations are supposed to be set in the US, they changed that to Germany.

  3. Why this game in particular though? Like i said there have been multiple realistic modern military shooters released in the same timeframe that havent seen even a hint of that kind of backlash.

  4. When it happened, I remember people saying it was because the game begins with its fictional Russia equivalent invading another country, so it might have felt too close, compared to other military games.

  5. Dont a lot of the modern cod games deal with a near future russian expansion plot?

  6. No idea, I'm not too familiar with them. If so, that does make the Advance Wars situation even weirder, though.

  7. Does 'Yakuza: Like a Dragon' and 'Like a Dragon: Ishin' have a connection beyond the surface level, or is the name purely coincidental?

  8. The name of the series in Japan is Ryu ga Gotoku, which means "Like a Dragon."

  9. So this one is a beat em up brawler like the other mainline yakuza titles, not a turn based rpg then right?

  10. Yes, it's one of the best. Play it.

  11. So did the Journalist mean that Ishin is like RDR2? A great starting point of the series?

  12. The article doesn't mention Red Dead once outside of the title, no elaboration on that comparison at all. I have a horrible feeling they just meant because both games have a historical setting, but that's so stupid I hope I'm wrong. XD

  13. I can't remember the line, but at the beginning when Viola says they need Sigurd I was under the impression that she knew a Sigurd was Singularity and that this one was liable to help fight against his other self. But apparently that just wasn't the story I was supposed to get from that

  14. There's a line where she says something like "Dr. Sigurd and Singularity are..." but never finishes her sentence, so I figured that meant she knew there was a connection between them.

  15. My understanding is that Connor Sigurd and Midmyers Sigurd (the one Jeanne was sent to save) were both good guys opposing Singularity, but Singularity switched places with Midmyers Sigurd without anyone knowing. The corpse Bayonetta saw in the alphaverse was the actual Midmyers Sigurd.

  16. That's not really an endgame spoiler, though.

  17. I'm hoping for the rumored Baten Kaitos remaster and the rumored Ghost Trick remaster (that one got a rating, so it seems likely). Those two alone would satisfy me.

  18. Susato. She's insufferable :') If only she wasn't also present during trials orz

  19. You don't like Susato? :O I was unsure about her at first, since I was used to AA assistants being wacky comic relief, but she ended up growing on me a lot and becoming one of my favorite assistants.

  20. I'm on the second case, iirc so pretty early but I was informed some time ago she doesn't stop with all the comedic violence, WHILE BEING USELESS WHEN IT MATTERS, which stops me. She's so annoying orz Maybe I'll learn to ignore her.

  21. Hmm, the comedic violence does stick around a little bit (though lessened), but one of the reasons I like her is that she's actually competent at her job.

  22. He's also the Japanese voice of Donald Duck in the Kingdom Hearts series.

  23. It seems to me that was the prevailing view outside of this subreddit already before Bayonetta 3 came out. All I ever saw when Bayonetta's story came up was people talking about how it wasn't good and it was the sort of game you played only for the gameplay. I felt like I was in the minority for enjoying the story of Bayonetta 1 and 2, so when 3 came out, I was surprised to see how many people besides me cared about the story.

  24. The only thing that comes to mind is that the lead-in to G2-2 is in the present and talks about why they’re looking back at the case now, after G2-1, so that part will feel odd if you watch it after G-4.

  25. I'm not the person you asked, but here's a link:

  26. Ishin doesn't have turn-based combat. The cards are like special abilities you can equip and use in combat.

  27. I’m still waiting for anything to come of last year’s Apollo Justice trademark.

  28. Aviary Attorney was interesting, but I wasn’t crazy about having limited actions before each trial. Still enjoyable, though. That’s the only one of the possibilities you’ve listed that I’ve played, although I’ve heard great things about 428.

  29. Oh, I've played both Death Mark games and I enjoyed them thoroughly. Have to look into Master Magistrate and Nine Aquilla.

  30. All the characters are like "wow he's so charming and polite" and then he's a total twat every time you speak to him, and also he's under Ga'ran's thumb

  31. This would make all the difference in the world. Not only would it make him more sympathetic (and make his redemption feel earned since it won’t come out of nowhere), but it would also make him interesting. You’d be trying to figure out what’s going on with him to make him show such very different sides.

  32. Otome specifically refers to having a female protagonist and male love interests, while a dating sim doesn't have to be. So a game with a male protagonist and female love interests might also be tagged as a dating sim.

  33. It's one of my favorites, my third favorite in the series so far (although I haven't played AAI2 yet, so maybe that will surpass it).

  34. It would certainly lead to some big changes down the line, though I think the biggest concern would be how they would handle character arcs for the protagonists when you could choose who you're playing as.

  35. Kenzan remake/remaster, Kurohyou remakes/remasters, and an alien invasion spin-off.

  36. I'm hopeful for AA7 or at least a 4-6 collection.

  37. There's no problem with starting with Kiwami, but then I'd recommend playing 0 second. Kiwami has some additions in its side content that reference things from 0.

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