1. I don't camp and hit people but when someone with a flashlight or toolbox is on my ass everytime I'm chasing someone else I'll tunnel them to get them out of the game. I don't think people using sabo or flashlights are toxic but if someone is basically following me around all game just to get flashlight saves then I want them out of the game so I can actually pick people up

  2. If your still looking for players my psn is ferda_wax

  3. If your still looking for players my psn is ferda_wax

  4. They shouldn't remove him but I don't see why he can't be reworked

  5. They have gained a lot of popularity from both the silver scream albums and that's kinda their identity now. I'm sure that their top 20 songs are probably all or at least mostly from those two albums so any other song outside of those two they play would most likely be Communion of the Cursed or Hell in the Hallways considering they are horror related.

  6. Pretty much have the same rules although if I'm getting absolutely shit on (4 survivors alive with 0 gens left) I will probably ignore rule one

  7. I just got mine too, even though the shop app says it's just ordered still

  8. The only thing I don't like is the green glow in the eyes and the logo, I would like it more if it was a different color but other than that its great

  9. My favorite franchise is the exorcist, they didn't do my fav horror movie but I'll say one of my favorite is my bloody valentine

  10. Friday the 13th isn't my favorite movie but god damn Thank God it's Friday does slap. Easily my favorite song

  11. They are pretty good, although I hear that the bubblegum lemonade is better than the normal one but i haven't tried it yet

  12. If you want to get it yourself it's the Spiderman ones. I know they got three different versions but I'm pretty sure it's just a different looking tub but the same flavor

  13. Plus it really depends on how much you like INK. I love them so it's a no brainer for me.

  14. They have been my favorite band since I started listening to them and from what I see in these comments I think I'll get it

  15. Scratch that... I just realized that the welcome to horrorwood music video isn't even out yet. I'd bet that will be released on Friday since it's Friday the 13th. It's a badass video BTW

  16. Honestly can't wait to see it, that song is my favorite one in that album

  17. Possibly but I'm sure it will be a small probably non talking cameo

  18. For me, it’s anything with Screwball

  19. I don't mind the missions themselves except for the gadget ones but I just hate the character

  20. Not necessarily for this game but any game with a mission involving “protecting and escorting”

  21. Yeah depending on the game I'm not a huge fan but the escort missions in the Hammerhead dlc isn't to bad

  22. I'd be down for a DLC but for a full game I'd rather them make a Daredevil, Fantastic Four or maybe even a Hulk game assuming they venture off from Spiderman and Wolverine

  23. If they made the Symbiote suit like Web of Shadows where it has its own unique gameplay when using it I'd say Daredevil but if not then Venom

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