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  1. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I have been wondering what anime this was for a loooong time.

  2. Oooo, I have indeed watched that before, but thanks man for telling.

  3. Need help on how to fix these errors. The pictures above are screenshots I took in the DMM Game Player version 5.

  4. Is it worth to triple crown Eula? Or just her burst?

  5. Hello, just wanted to clarify something.If Eula had Fischl/Raiden in the team, they are there to proc superconduct.But if you have another cryo for cryo resonance, will eula still get the cryo resonance crit buff?Because the enemy has electro aura all the time right? So not sure if Eula will still get the crit rate buff from cryo resonance, just asking if she still does.

  6. Is there already a detailed Itto Guide? Like what KeqingMains' TC's always make for almost every character.

  7. Can crystallized shields proc Geo resonance? I want to have Zhongli on my other team.

  8. hello! i'm not quite familiar on how the stacks itto needs to do with 4pc husk while also using serpent spine? like, do we need to follow a specific rotation or anything? i plan to use him with gorou and geo traveler.

  9. I think I have seen someone answer to that similar question.

  10. Is C3 Raiden worth? Or just try to get C2?

  11. Currently I am using Raiden (C0) National team (Bennett C1, Xinqiu C6, Xiangling C6) and since Eula is coming, do I still need Eula to pair with Raiden, Bennett and Diona team?

  12. Hello, wanted to ask if Albedo elem skill can snapshot other buffs besides def buffs.

  13. I plan to get C0 Albedo to pair up with Xiao, Zhongli and Sucrose team, and have a few questions.

  14. Does anyone know how to create a Geo crystallized shield?

  15. Btw, I am using 4 piece shimenawa, with Xinqiu, Albedo, and Zhongli as my team members, so I already added 20% res shred from zhongli shield and 15% all dmg bonus from geo resonance. Including 125 EM from Albedo

  16. With the new 5* def claymore, def artifacts and Gorou, do you think Noelle C6 damage will be comparable to this one?

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