Different types of vaginal canals

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  1. I concur. We're rabid. I never thought I'd be the kind of guy to travel the country to see all of their shows but here I am a year after my first show, flying to Vegas!

  2. I have no idea but at least $3000 seems right

  3. It's a scene from mallrats, silent Bob dressed as batman smashes his head through the wall and sees her boobs....best scene in any movie when I was 13 lol.

  4. Her name could be Herbert or some shit and id still smash

  5. He's a hack, and anyone who criticizes him gets put on his email list. He emails his haters all his bookings and bs about how much he makes at corporate gigs and whatnot.

  6. The Italians wouldn't do it if it wasn't fashionable.

  7. Well if it ends up being a rust bucket, I'll buy the 5 speed trans from you

  8. Mexicans are always on the verge of tears. That was just one guy who showed him an apartment

  9. And tiny Guatemalans wearing spiderman backpacks, like 8 of them in the back of a tiny truck

  10. Good lord would I be pissed if I ordered pizza and it was the same shit as a toddler’s birthday party.

  11. It's actually not too bad, I've had it a couple of times.

  12. Hello ma'am this is pentagon please send bobs and vagene picture or else u are arrested.

  13. Lmaooooo the fuck. It’s fat people fuckin other fat people

  14. Just started checking Ween out yesterday. Crazy weird stuff, man

  15. Idk man, it was all over in less than 5 seconds, as someone who has lost loved ones to Cancer, this is way better imo.

  16. Yep, Half Life for instance. But theres always key generators....

  17. Strays can be interesting. I adopted a stray who had 5 kittens. She could be lovey but still distant. After about 5 or 6 weeks of birth she wanted nothing to do with them anymore and ran off. I still have 4 of the kittens (2 years now) and they're the best, sweetest cats in the world. You might not be able to do much for momma but you can make that kitten your baby :)

  18. A red block plus transmission fits easily in the back of a wagon

  19. One is 28, one is 19. OP is either 25-29 or 40+

  20. $79,849.64 in 2022 has the same purchasing power as $7900 in

  21. The average salary in 1955 was about $3600 a year. Damn. If I had my salary back in '55 adjusted down for inflation, I'd be killing it. On the other hand those homes would only be 2x the average salary. Nowadays homes are 5-10 times the average salary

  22. It doesn't matter if they can just break the law, pay the fine, and still end up making more profit than before.

  23. Pretty sure the shredding lines are recorded at half speed an octave lower and then sped up. Sounds like the kind of lines and recording techniques Les Paul (the guitarist, not the guitar) used.

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