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A video from yesterday anti-Hijab protests in Iran showing Hadis Najafi (21) getting ready to stand to the security guards. Today Hadis was announced death by her family after being shot 6 bullets in her chest. Remember her name #HadisNajafi

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Train Hits Cop Car with Handcuffed Woman Inside

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  1. Oh this guy is awesome. Apparently he's been finding and relocating gators and running a reptile rescue for years and Wally was one of a batch of three gators he pulled from someones pond. He kept Wally when he realized Wally wasn't interested in live food and would follow him around like a dog. Definitely seems like a one in a million gator.

  2. Gonna be a one in a million story when Wally eats his daughter.

  3. He wanted to get away from Florida man, but Florida man wouldn't have any of that.

  4. Then a youtuber will make a great clubhouse remix song out of it

  5. “No one gives a fuck about fair” are rules to live by in a real world fight. It was the first thing my dad taught me for self defense as a kid, and saved my life twice during my own dumb adolescent days.

  6. Yes this advice works in protests too. You can usually vibe when it starts getting ugly (usually around sundown). Then it is time to vamoosh!

  7. Yeah this looks cool in the video but actually pulling this stuff off in a real life situation is never going to happen. Not taking anything away from martial arts or this guy in particular but this is all for show.

  8. My friend, a woman, got in a few fights (with other women) back in the day.

  9. Hey there, Alaska Native here, not to lay into you too hard but we don't really like to be called Eskimos (or so my mom tells me, and I defer to her on this, something about the translation meaning meat-eaters, anyway, she grew up hating the term along with the rest of her immediate family, and I imagine the rest of the various tribespeople as well).

  10. Alaska Native is (IMO a very good) broad term accepted by the all the communities AFAIK (and for the tribes in Canada, probably Canadian Natives?).

  11. James Cameron is a prick and this is just another example. He has always abused employees, seems to conduct himself like a child based on what I have read of his personality and conduct.

  12. Yes but the treatment of people doesn't matter when the end result is such genius. s/ (can't stand his bloated crap)

  13. A lot of the "cool" industries seem to suffer with poor working conditions because the employers can rely on their coolness: movies, video games, etc.

  14. And the "cool" part of it is part of the caché/value. Except "cool" doesn't pay the bills...

  15. I think I read that the cops are saying she was wearing body armor and a helmet when she ran out of the car. But seeing as they haven't released footage of it I'm dubious of that claim. I am also extremely dubious of their claims that she was firing out of the car at the cops. Seems like the cops botched a rescue that half of LA was notified about and are trying to cover their asses.

  16. I'm thinking she ran towards the cops for help. Another tragic story involving pigs.

  17. Am I the only person who just doesn't care about this gossip at all? Yet there are multiple posts every day about it on various subs. I don't find Levine interesting, I'm not surprised he turned out to be a jerk who cheats on his wife and although I feel bad for any pregnant woman married to a jerk the fact is that the live in a $58M mansion in Montecito and his wealth is probably a factor in her ignoring read flags early in the relationship.

  18. I only care because I hate their crap music and this is cosmic retribution.

  19. He didn’t actually intend to do that lol. He texted other girls the exact same thing. He just wanted to lead them on and keep them attached to him because, ego. This is why you can’t entertain married men. It’s all about ego for them. They’ve not serious. They’re just messing with you and using you to feel great about themselves but divorce is expensive AF and no man will do that unless he’s 100% ready to leave, like Piqué. He’s not leaving for that new girl. He was just done with Shakira. His new girl shouldn’t be blamed. He was done. Adam is not going anywhere. He’s not done with his wife. He’s just a horn dog.

  20. Is that the guy who used to hang outside of the Hollywood Bowl in the summer with a crappy dog puppet singing in a deep, lovely voice? I remember seeing him all of the time as a kid but it's been years since I've seen him.

  21. Why Minnesota? Damn we're cool. Home of Prince, General Mills, Target, Pillsbury, The Juicy Lucy. Some of the best standards of living in the United States. Great park systems and because it is apple season home of the best apple ever, Honeycrisp!

  22. It’s interesting that you lumped in Prince with General Mills, but didn’t include Bob Dylan, F Scott Fitzgerald, or Snoopy.

  23. Same here (Northern Maine) Black Bears constantly trying to get into my garbage bins. You walk outside and yell at them and for the most part they move along. I see a moose in my yard and my ass runs back in though lmao

  24. When I lived in Wyoming, there was a news event where a couple were trying to take a picture of their toddler on a moose.

  25. Exactly. I don't care what your gender is you can only push a human being so far before they are willing to accept any price rather than submit. Look at any country that has been occupied for a long period. Look at the various struggles of PoC throughout history. Look at the LGBT community in any hardline religious environment. Any time you oppress people for too long they will rebel. There's always a point in history where one person stands, and possibly falls; but many will stand after them. Many of them may fall as well, but that is where change begins

  26. It happens every year in the fall. Why do we act surprised and call it summer weather when it’s typical fall weather in Los Angeles.

  27. I’m using: faux wood blinds, Mylar & white grow sheet trimmed & taped lightly inside window sill, removable blackout shades from Home Depot. Car shades stuffed in the transom windows. Did I leave anything out? I’m hunkering down here.

  28. The ballet of fans, their changing placement throughout the day, and opening/closing windows strategically.

  29. A friend went down that slide as a birthday fear conquering event. She slid super fast and her tailbone hit the floor at the end. Definitely not worth it. I think it was almost $40 at the time too.

  30. That have a pumpkin pie right now for $5.99 the size of a tire

  31. She survived, but lord knows what injuries she has. I've taken care of half a dozen people who survived being hit by a train, but had severe trauma (meaning severe damage tk internal organs, bones, spinal cord, and brain), and the recovery is not fun.

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