1. I'd clean your ass and feet everyday lol, can I fist my ass for you?

  2. Hmmmmmmm. Any reason no pussy in picture? Skeptical as this could be a dude

  3. Plus in order to see that little piece of shit in the pic, I had to zoom in a lot since it’s so small

  4. I want to ease into it. That’s why I started with feet. The main reason why it’s just my asshole is to make it harder for people who know me(especially people I’ve hooked up with and dated) to identify me on here, cuz I don’t want people Ik seeing my scat content😂

  5. Because i want to stay as anonymous as possible. I have a birth mark on in my lower back that I don’t want to show and have someone I know recognize me😂

  6. suck and clean this white hole with my tongue OP

  7. I wish I could lick those perfect soles. You are a sweetheart

  8. There’s Nothing better than that!

  9. I’ll do anything for those feet!

  10. Can you put your smelly feet on my face!!

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