1. As others have said, carbon filter should be higher. And does anyone else here wait until things get a bit smelly until using a carbon filter? Why filter no smell? You'll get more grows out of it this way I think.

  2. Would it be dumb to tape a N95 mask or some paper towels over the air intake though? To cut down on spores or dust getting pushed through the air intake? In my head it makes sense but idk if it will impede the intake air too much.

  3. Don't quote me but I can't see much harm in this. I put tights over my intake to stop bugs getting in. I doubt it would impede intake all that much. My tent haa mesh vents also so that's helping for intake too I guess

  4. Too wet? This was just before sleep time and I wasn't sure if the new light was going to dry it overnight. I put it on the low setting so it's only pulling 25w and I put probably 3ml of droplets around it.

  5. City water. No chloramine or heavy metals, 150-200ppm ph7-8, decent amounts of both calcium and magnesium. Chlorine doesn't bother me, it's a micronutrient.

  6. So the chloramine just alters the pH a little? I'm brand spanking new with a sprout and am questioning my water lol. (CA Bay area tap water)

  7. I have 2x2. tent and only fit one plant in . And I have the ts 1000 from mars hydro. Tent and light is from there. I wish I got 2.3 x2.3 for that extra hight and space

  8. Pulled the trigger, ordered a 32"x32"x64". It was literally $2 more with a coupon haha.

  9. Very nice! haha. Looking forward to having a steady supply of fresh flower I don't have to pay crazy amounts for. Been trying to absorb as much of info as I can from the growing subreddits, Jorge Cervantes books, and Youtube. I realize it's pretty easy to fuck up when you first start. I'm hoping at some point to have a hybrid greenhouse set up, but I chose the absolute worst time of year to get into growing outdoor.

  10. Bro cops don't even understand. They live in a whole other universe.

  11. Yeah... I've tried several times now. It's a pain in the fucking ass and it won't come out how you want. My most recent I thought I did everything right, sealed in dram vial for low slow decarb and through a syringe filter. Did not work... tastes bad and doesn't hit well. The adding terps method kinda sucks too. (for at home diy)

  12. Chinese mini enail on Amazon. $100 you set the temp and don't worry about butane.

  13. Depends on the bud. I'm pretty happy around 20% return.

  14. If you can afford it. Fucking do it. It doesn’t get better than that honestly.

  15. I agree with this lol. I'm on Dulytek5, this looks 1000x better.

  16. Thank you!!! My first seeds and his encyclopedia coming in soon. So excited for my first grow.

  17. Just ordered these for my first ever grow, so fucking excited.

  18. If you post, they will come. LOL

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