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Post Game Chat 9/11 Braves @ Mariners

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  1. Crazy that we haven't locked it down yet...

  2. You guys I think are literally the 2021 Mariners, see ya in the 2023 ALCS 😁

  3. I'm fully ready to pull off a 2006 Cardinals type World Series championship on an 85 win season.

  4. I'm really not sure if making the playoffs then losing two games in a row in Toronto and being eliminated or not making the playoffs at all would be more disappointing. It's hard to imagine a team playing like they've been will make it anywhere in the playoffs

  5. Breaking the drought would do sooo much for a lot of people's psyche, even if it's only a cameo appearance

  6. Absolutely! I want that monkey off of our backs so bad, I don’t care what seed or how bad we play. Once that weight is lifted it would be a tremendous help going forward. I’m not going to get greedy and say they need to break a multi decade playoff drought AND make the World Series the same year. I know many think there’s no point in making the playoffs it unless you can go all the way, for some teams maybe, for us NO. Plus once you get in every team has a chance. Maybe not a great chance, but a chance nonetheless.

  7. Yep! Look at the 2014 Royals! Who would have thought they could have made it to a game 7 of a world series the same yr as breaking a 29 yr playoff drought

  8. Am I right in thinking we are essentially 5 up with 10 to go cuz we have the tie breaker over Baltimore?

  9. More positive vibes: twins just got eliminated officially from postseason contention, now it's just the Os and White Sox😁

  10. Got the dp out of the way, plenty of time left! Need a cleaning bottom 3 from castillo

  11. Is this game on the radio. I can’t find it anywhere

  12. Serious question. What do we do with Harry Ford in 2-3 years?

  13. Prospect chip? Also I. Heard he could play other positions? Not really sure, I think obv are biggest weakness rn is 2b

  14. Season saving is perhaps to drastic, but this win was def something. Hopefully a momentum starter

  15. The fact that the came a home run away from winning it all in '14, came all the way back to win in '15 legitimizes them a bit in my mind.

  16. Trying to remember last team to win it all after losing in the WS the yr before, 1989 A's? Doesn't happen often

  17. Just cuz Soto was playing, ima say again getting Castillo > getting Soto

  18. I wanna say we lost the series against the rays for season, so in event or tie I think it'd go rays as #1, mariners #2, Jay's #3

  19. What if the Jays take the szn series against the Rays?

  20. Uh I think that would mean Jay's #2 rays #3, Ms #1, but that's just a guess

  21. Eh tbh that was a one of for turn ahead the clock night in June 2018, when we were on track for like 100 wins. I got a special place for those, just not what happened the rest of 2018 🙃🙃🙃

  22. Yep, happy tears from me today! Quickly went from 2010 mariners moods to 2021 mariners moods!

  23. lost 1 game all year with the lead going into the 8th. I’m feeling good

  24. So I'm not sure how the AL East cannibalizing itself plays into it, but I know it definitely helps our playoff chances, I see 538 has us at >99% for playoffs, UT I guess it's coming from the past 20 years. What would you think would be enough wins to get in? 89?

  25. Random but was there any banner unveiled for the afc championship? Can't find any pics online

  26. What was the point of the old man stalking that woman in the flashback? Like I thought she'd be a victim, bug he just went in her house as a utility worker, turned on a faucet and left?

  27. He unlocked her window while in her house. Implying that he went back later and took her.

  28. Ah OK I think I sneezed at that moment in the movie and missed him unlocking the window

  29. We’re undefeated since JP played with his belly button

  30. Hot take I loved this movie, probably top 3 or 4 Halloween movies for me, behind the original, II and 4.

  31. To get to 117 they'd have to go 27-7 to end the season. it's a steep slope, but they did recently go something wild like 41-9 so it's definitely possible.

  32. OK that makes sense, didn't they also have another pitcher go out recently?

  33. Buehler was recently confirmed out till probably 2024 due to Tommy John. Treinen was injured a while ago but should be rejoining the club any day now. Tonight was Kershaw's first game after an IL stint (hope to god they put him in bubble wrap till October). I think those are the big ones, might be forgetting some

  34. Yeah I hesr you, check out my flare...if we won the division that year with "only" 103 wins and won the world series I'd take that in a heartbeat.

  35. I'm probably in minority but I like 3 the most. Rogue nation and Fallout are eh

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