1. No. Soy anarquista. Pero por curiosidad si leí planes de gobierno y no me informo a puro Facebook.

  2. Nunca pensé encontrarme con otro anarquista en este sub 👍

  3. Exactly what an AI would say. It goes beyond my puny human brain to understand why something could subjectively be funny. You could say that about literally anything btw.

  4. He hates us because he’s racist against tarnished. Ironic considering his father who he summons a shade of to fight us is tarnished lol

  5. what could you expect when your mother is a femcel and your father is big hairy tarnished bf with voices in his head preventing him from going sicko mode.

  6. But bro just image. Usually corpses leak some oily fat when they rot. Imagin her naked smelly body all oily from that corpse fat juice😍. I want to lick them smelly oily toes and sniff them corpse panties. 😍😍

  7. This but instead of Sellen it’s Iron Fist Alexander 👊👊

  8. :7348: it’s time to go to school you have a trigonometry exam tomorrow

  9. I want her to play overcooked on the switch with me after our cycle.

  10. Yeah and I think her "i'm going to seek my destiny" is so obviously referring to going to the northeast of the Erdtree-Gazing Hill site of grace in Altus Plateau by some cliff, barely far enough away to be readily visible when going to the site of grace.

  11. and when she says “Royale wit cheese” it’s a very clear cut reference to her motive to peg Mohg in his palace and get the 7th secret ending.

  12. what about bogart and his crab friends

  13. is this the new order ranni was talking about in her sleep

  14. literally doesn’t look like forsen. Looks like Sam Hyde

  15. It is still true though, brown jacket with shoed is a big no no

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